Common Water Heater Problems That You May Find Throughout the Year

There are a variety of common water heater problems that could arise throughout the year. A water heater is one of the many essential household appliances meant to enhance your comfort. If properly serviced, it can function flawlessly for many years, however, lack of proper repair will reduce its lifespan. Therefore, ensure your water heating system is repaired as soon as you notice any potential defects. Also, do not overlook the importance of routine maintenance, as this will keep it running effectively Here are some common water heater problems you should look for.
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Inadequate Supply of Hot Water

Inadequate supply of hot water when taking a shower can be a frustrating experience and is a common water heater problem. Such an issue can arise due to a variety of reasons. While you may be able to fix some of the problems yourself, others may require you to seek the help of a professional. Inadequate water supply occurs when your water heater capacity is lower than your hot water demand. If this problem persists, you should seriously consider installing a new system.
A power surge could also be linked to a low supply of hot water. Furthermore, sediments can build up in your water heater and clog the system, making it operate inadequately. It is recommended to remove these deposits to help your water heating system to run efficiently.
Many households experience this problem. However, the cause will vary depending on the type of water heater installed. For electric water heaters, tripping the fuse can cause hot water to run out, however, this can be fixed by resetting your circuit from the breaker box. Gas water heaters will be out of water if the pilot light is off. Turning it on may solve this issue.
However, if the problem persists, it is recommended that you contact a professional repair service. Water heater repair experts will assess your system, identify the various issues, and repair them safely.
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Varying Water Temperatures

The fluctuation of water temperatures can be an indication of a serious problem. If your water heater has such inconsistencies, you should check your thermostat temperature settings. Ensure that you set it to your desired temperatures. It is imperative to inspect your tank and get rid of the available residue. Unless you have a faulty thermostat or heating unit, which should be replaced, these repairs should solve this problem.

Water Heater Leaks

If not addressed on time, these leaks can damage your electrical components or flooring. Once you notice the leak, inspections should be done to establish the cause. Electricity or gas must be turned off while inspecting your water heater. Water heater leaks often result from corrosion, a faulty drain valve, high pressure in the tank, or loose connections. It is recommended to check for loose screws or pipe connections and tighten them accordingly. However, it is important to contact an expert to help you fix water heater leaks if they persist.

Unusual Sounds

Any unusual sounds coming from your water heater should be immediately addressed. It could be a sign of a malfunction, which means the system should be turned off immediately. Some of these sounds include a popping noise caused by steam while trying to find its way out of the sediments. Examining your tank often will help you detect and prevent these buildups. If rumbling sounds persists after flushing any deposits from the tank, schedule a professional repair and maintenance.

Dirty Water

Discolored water from your taps may signify an issue with your water heater. Running a cold tap can help establish what is causing your water to stain. Rust may build up in your tank and affect the color of your water. Check your faucet for early signs of corrosion. It is advisable to manage any rusting issues before it is too late, otherwise, your water lines will corrode and start leaking. It is critical to repair this problem and keep your system in good shape by replacing the anode rod. Whenever you have water discoloration issues, it is important to hire skilled professionals to inspect your heater. They will advise you if there is any need to install a new water heater or if they can manage the problem and keep your system in perfect working condition.

Musty Water

Failure to maintain your water heater tank regularly can cause bacteria buildup in your water. This occurs when warm water is left to sit in the tank for too long. Failure to treat your water can also cause it to have an unpleasant smell. Run your clod taps to identify the source of the musty water. If there is no smelly water from these taps, inspect your water heater or primary water source.
A malfunctioning anode rod can be one of the reasons for your musty smelling water. When this component is functioning well, it will keep your water fresh and your system in good working condition. Replacing the anode rod can solve this problem. It is important to seek professional help unless you are skilled and understand how to fix this issue correctly.

Low Water Flow

When deposits buildup in your tank, they can cause your water pressure level to diminish. Flushing these sediments can solve this problem. Assess your tank for blocked waterways and clean any buildup that may have clogged your system’s drains. If this does not fix the problem, it is recommended to hire a professional to inspect your piping system. Pipe blockages or leaks can also reduce water flow. Your plumber will be able to clean up any clogged pipes and replace those that are completely damaged, which will increase your water flow.

Hot Water Runs Slow

Poor connections from your main water supply may not be the root of the issue for slow water flow. The issue may be with your water heater. How can you tell? By running your cold and hot taps and monitoring the pressure If cold taps have high pressure, your heater should be inspected. But if the pressure issue exhibits in both taps, get a professional to examine your pipes. Leaking tanks or pipes and deposit accumulation can also result in low hot water pressure. Flushing out sediments from your tank or repairing the leakages will address water heater pressure issues.

Pilot Light Flame Goes Off

Pilot lights are standard in gas water heating systems. The light ignites your gas, causing it to heat the water, therefore, the light should not go off during the water heating process. A common water heater problem is when the light goes off, reignite it using the ignitor switch. If this problem persists, check for any dirt clogging the pilot light and clean it thoroughly. Also, assess if there are any malfunctioning components, especially the gas line or thermostat. Troubleshooting these parts or replacing the faulty one will allow you to reignite the pilot light.
These are the most common issues you should watch for when inspecting your water heater. Nevertheless, ensure you perform routine maintenance with or without these issues, as it will prevent major water flaws and save you time and costs related to unexpected water heater issues.
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