In some situations, leaks are easy to detect. For example, letting water run from the faucet into the pipe will let you know if there’s a leak under a sink. However, when dealing with slab leaks, the signs of a problem may not be easy to detect.
Slab leaks appear under the concrete slab your home sits on. They are especially frustrating because they are often complex and challenging to detect. While this is true, they aren’t impossible to find. Knowing the problems to look for to help get the issues addressed quickly will help prevent more serious damage. If you notice one a few of the signs found here, it may be time to seek a professional slab inspection in Orange County.

Increased Water Bills

If there is a leak, your water is running 24/7, rather than just when you turn it on. Since your water continues running, your water costs will increase. If there is a sudden surge in water costs with no clear reason, like guests in your home using more water, it is the sign of a leak. If you can’t find a leak in your home, it may mean there’s a slab leak.

Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

If you are dealing with a leak, which includes a slab leak, it means less water is being sent through the pipes and getting to the place where it is needed. That’s because water is escaping the pipe where it should not be. Along with increasing your monthly water costs, slab leaks may also result in reduced water pressure. If you notice a reduction in your water pressure when no other fixtures are being used, it may mean you are dealing with a slab leak.

Hot Spots on the Floor

Most slab leaks, about 80%, occur in the hot water line. As the hot water leaks out of the pipes and into the ground, it may begin to heat the concrete above it. As the concrete warms up, your flooring will get hotter. These spots are typically easier to detect on linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors. It can be challenging to identify these spots through carpeting. If you being to notice sudden hot spots on the floor, it may be an indication there is a leak in your hot water pipe.

Wet or Damaged Flooring

In many situations, a water slab leak can’t go anywhere but up. This means the water will eventually reach the flooring in your home, which can cause serious damage. The exact damage depends on the specific type of flooring in place. If you have carpet in your home, you may notice some areas that suddenly feel damp and look darker than the rest. This could indicate a slab leak.
If you believe you are dealing with a slab leak in your Orange County home, it is smart to reach out to the professionals for help. They can determine the exact cause and provide the necessary repairs.

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