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We’re Proud of Our Plumbing Service

Need a Plumber? A really good one? Call us. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, we work in partnership with property owners in the Newport Beach, CA area to advise them, help with updates and repairs, and provide emergency plumbing service they can count on, 24/7. We’re professional, careful, and dependable — in other words, when you need service, we are the plumbers you’re looking for.

No Need to Wait, Call Us and Get Your Plumbing Taken Care Of

Get us rolling on an urgent job or schedule a consultation, update, or repair for your plumbing. We’re easy and satisfying to work with. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, your local plumbing jobs deserve our care. Call us at 949-393-0933 or use our website contact section to connect with us.

Drain Cleaning

When we send our video cameras down residential drains, you wouldn’t believe what we see! It’s no wonder that drain cleaning and servicing is our leading plumbing service. We’ve done so much of it that we could almost do it in our sleep — but with 24/7 service, we stay awake so that you can sleep peacefully, knowing that we are on the job. We’re also clean, respectful plumbers that you will be glad to work with on drain emergencies. When daylight comes, we want you to choose us for all your other plumbing projects and needs.

Leak Detection and Repair

A little leak can be a big deal. It can damage expensive walls and floors. It can drip from walls and ceilings and cause damage to your valuables and important papers. Locating leaks has been a messy plumbing service in the past, often causing significant damage to walls and other surfaces as your plumber searches visually for the source of the leak. Modern electronic leak detection equipment has changed many leak situations from cutting and digging to simply listening and reading the location information from the device’s display. A focused access hole may be all we need to quickly repair the leak.

Water and Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement

If your plumbing service needs get more complicated, we’re the ones you want to know. We can help you set your priorities, understand the process of water line and sewer repair, and come up with a budget that won’t leave surprise costs to be found later. We also have modern techniques that can reduce your costs and hassles significantly, targeting repairs to your sewer so that we fix the problem instead of replacing the whole pipe.

Hydro-jetting Your Worries Away

When indicated, hydro-jetting can be an efficient and effective way to clear your pipes, both inside your home and in your sewer line to the street. We use video inspection to give us the information on the problem, and if we determine that the pipe is ok, we can usually put high-pressure water to work cleaning the clog or blockage and leaving you with great flow. Most solutions such as snaking make a big difference, but can’t do such a thorough job as hydro-jetting.

Plumbing Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

At bluefrog, we put our extensive experience to work for you in emergencies, but also for your everyday service needs. If you need additional plumbing for new fixtures, repiping to replace old material, or a general inspection and update, we’re here for you.

Traditional & Tankless Water Heater Services

We’re your plumbing service of choice for both traditional and tankless water heaters. These can be sources of water damage as well as failing to provide the hot water you need, and we provide careful inspections and heating element repairs to keep you dry and your water hot. When the time comes, we’re ready to update your water heater to the latest high-efficiency model.

Water Filtration Systems

If you’re tired of the variations in Newport Beach, CA water quality, we have an excellent solution for you. We can install or upgrade your water filtration for your whole house or specific locations such as your kitchen. When you bring us in for another plumbing service, it’s a perfect add-on to improve your life and health.

Plumbing Fixture Installation and Repair

For remodeling, worn fixtures, or damaged fixture replacement, count on us to perform quality installations and provide or recommend fixtures to match your budget and decor. From outside water access to elegant touch-sensitive bathroom fixtures and versatile kitchen faucets, you envision it and we’ll make it happen with expert plumbing technique.

Appliance Installation

Property owners and businesses rely on us to perform quick, complete appliance installations for dishwashers, washing machines and other equipment. Our advantage is that, as plumbers, we can take care of any piping issues, add connections, and even identify potential flow problems that could make your new appliance not work as it should. We have the knowledge to install appliances right.

Not Just Plumbing Work, but Plumbing Ideas

Don’t forget that, for all the skills and expertise we have on specific projects, we are also your go-to people for designing new projects and updates to your home. We can tell you what’s the best way to accomplish your remodeling goals and help you understand the local code and how it applies to your goals and dreams. We’re your partner in plumbing, ready to pull you out of messes and help you create your future.

We Make It Easier to Own Your Home — Get to Know Us Now

As a prepared homeowner, have you got a list of numbers to call for home services? We’re the ones you call for plumbing service at your home. We’re your source for emergency plumbing fixes and comprehensive plumbing services. Call us at 949-393-0933, or visit our website and schedule the work you need, done by the plumbers you want — bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County.

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