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Due to the pandemic, most people’s plumbing systems are getting a lot more use than they are used too. Before the start of Covid-19, adults spent their days at work, children at school, and running around to various events and social gatherings. Home plumbing systems and appliances will be getting double if not triple the amount of use in your home. That means a small leak that wasn’t causing a problem, may suddenly turn into a huge problem.
Now that you have some free time on your hands, it is not a bad idea to walk around your home and check for leaks. Oftentimes they can exist right under your nose and finding them before they cause serious water damage can save you a lot of money. If you discover a leak, a plumbing company can come out and assess the issue to figure out the best remedy. Small leaks are easy to repair, larger leaks can be a bit more complicated.
That is why it is better to call a company now before you have a larger problem. The following are three of the most common signs that you have a leak in your home. Depending on the size of your home, it should only take you thirty minutes or so to complete an inspection and make sure your home plumbing system is up to the task of supporting you and your family while you are safe at home.

Your Water Meter Shoots Up

 If your water bill shocks you this month, or you happen to look out at your water meter and see usage is way higher than it should be this could be a sign of a leak happening somewhere in your home. Of course, there are several places the leak could be coming from which is why it is best to call a plumbing company to help you isolate and repair the leak quickly.
Granted, your water usage is likely going to increase over the next few months simply because your house is full both day and night. With more people home you will find yourself using the restroom more, showering more, running the dishwasher more since all meals are now at home, and probably cycling the hot water heater more. Therefore, some increase in your water bill is to be expected.
However, even tiny leaks can add hundreds onto a water bill. Unless you have a family of 10 kids, you shouldn’t see your bill jump up that high. One great way to confirm a possible water leak is to pick a two-hour increment during the day when water activity is usually low and don’t let anyone use the water. Before starting check your water meter and record the reading. When you return in two hours the reading should be the same. If it has moved, there is a good chance you have a leak and should call a plumbing company to come to investigate.

Do a Walkthrough of Your Home and Look for Obvious Signs

 Many leaks are obvious if you just take the time to look for them. One of the best things you can do is simply walk through your home while making it a point to look at all obvious plumbing areas. Make sure you stop to inspect shower heads, faucets, and toilets along the way. These are the three areas of your home that are most likely to leak, and the most common leaks that a plumbing company gets called about. These are also the most used appliances in your home, so it is only logical that components in the seals would start to wear down over time.
Outside of physically looking for faucets that are dripping, listen for the sounds of dripping or running toilets. If you notice something, first check to see if the faucet is simply not closed right. If the leak continues, then it is time to call a plumbing company in Anaheim, CA. Most of the time leaks are caused by issues with the flapper valve in the toilet, a jiggly flush handle, or because of washers that have worn out in sinks. Occasionally the problem is much more layered however which is when having a plumber company take a look is not a bad idea.

Investigate a Little Deeper by Checking Ceilings and Walls

 Not all leaks are quite so easy to find, which is why it is recommended by most plumbing companies to have an annual inspection of your home plumbing system. There are a lot of hidden leaks that occur inside the wall cavities of your home. Unfortunately, these hidden leaks are also the type of leaks that need to be urgently corrected because they can result in the growth of mold or cause structural damage to your home.
While you cannot see inside your walls, you can inspect for indications that there may be a plumbing issue. Water stains with no explanation or slight discolorations on the walls or ceilings can indicate water damage and should be followed up with a call to a plumbing company. You can also try periodically touching these areas to see if the walls or ceiling feels damp to the touch or slightly cooler than other areas of the wall or ceiling that are not discolored. Once again, these types of leaks can cause major issues, so it is important to call a plumbing company for help right away.
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County is an expert plumbing company located in Anaheim, CA. We have helped thousands of homeowners resolve plumbing leaks, and we would be happy to help you as well. If you suspect you have a plumbing leak in your house, give our plumbing company a call and we will come out and locate and repair the leak in minimal time.

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