During the winter months, most trees take a break from growing, which means if you have tree roots interfering with your sewer system you may get a respite. However, the spring season brings new growth which means it may be time to think about a drain cleaning service again.
Right now the tree roots in your front yard are growing towards nutrients and water sources that they can identify. If there are any weak spots in your water or sewer pipes, the roots are going to naturally start to reach that way. The roots grow through the cracks so that they can get to the water that is held inside.
Unfortunately for you, what starts as a small feathery root inside of your pipe will grow larger until you have a broken pipe, a clogged pipe, and possibly backup in your basements or lower floor. If you own an older home or a home with large trees near your sewer lines this is even more of a possibility. So how do you know if there are tree roots in your sewer system requiring you to book a drain cleaning service? Here are just a few signs that can tip you off to the presence of tree roots. Keep in mind that acting proactively is always a better choice than reactively because it may save you the hassle of a broken sewer line or backup in your floor drains.
Slow Drains
 If you notice that the drains in your house are starting to take longer to completely drain this may be a sign that you have a blockage in your sewer system forming. Usually, this is one of the first signs that tree roots are starting to grow into your pipes. If the problem is confined to one room in your home, it is likely a local issue, but if you notice that all of the drains are taking longer to empty or you hear any noises while the drains are emptying it may be a good idea to call a Laguna Beach, CA drain cleaning service.
Foul Odors
 In general, your front yard, back yard, or basement should never smell like a sewage plant. If you start to notice foul odors hanging in the area in any of these locations this could be a sign that tree roots have begun to impact your piping system. If this is the case, you will notice the smell gets larger as you move closer to plumbing fixtures. Take a deep whiff by the drain and if you are hit with an overwhelmingly foul odor you likely have an issue that is going to take more than a few odor neutralizers to fix. Call your local drain cleaning service and get to the bottom of it before it gets even worse.
Sinkholes in Your Yard
 When a pipe breaks underground the water has to be able to go somewhere. While you may not notice the lea, you will when the soft spots that resemble sinkholes start to appear in your yard. These sinkholes are the result of sewage leaking out and dampening the round which results in everything sifting downwards. If the weather is warmer in your area you will probably also start to smell it, which as we discussed earlier is a clear sign that it is time for a service.
Quick Tree Growth
 Granted, if you have an old tree on your property that is already quite massive you probably won’t notice that it has started to grow more quickly than other trees. However, if you have newer trees in your landscaping and you notice that one is starting to look much healthier or grow faster than others that were planted around the same time this could be a sign that the roots are invading your property. Access to a nutrient-filled water source may be all your tree needs to boost its growth. If you notice this along with any other of the above signs it’s time to call a drain cleaning service.
How Can I Remove Tree Roots?
 If you suspect that there are tree roots growing in your yard the best thing you can do is call a professional for a drain cleaning service. Many homeowners think they can just buy chemicals to wash out their pipes, but generally, the chemicals are not effective and end up hurting your pipes over time. While the chemicals can remove a small blockage or help unblock the passageway for a short time period, the tree roots will simply grow back and cause an issue for you again. If you keep using chemicals to treat the issue they will corrode your pipes making it more likely that invading roots will be able to crack up your sewage pipes and cause an even larger problem.
How a Professional Drain Cleaning Service Addresses the Issue
 Drain cleaning services tackle the matter in a manner of different ways depending on your history with drain clogs and the size of the problem. Hydro jetting for example is a great way to clean out any tree roots as well as sludge that builds up over time and eventually contributes to clogs. They also offer camera inspections so that you can determine the scope of the issue and determine if larger measures need to be taken. A camera inspection can also help you see whether you are dealing with small cracks or large broken pipes which may signify that larger measures need to be taken.
If you have reason to believe that your pipes are being affected by tree roots, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County a call today. We offer a premier drain cleaning service in Laguna Beach, CA, and can help you keep your sewer lines working effectively without any bothersome clogs. If you already have a clog, we can inspect your drains and figure out the best way to remove the clog and reduce your risk of future sewer issues.
Photo By Jo Ann Snover at Shutterstock