Calling a plumbing service is not as easy as it used to be. Before COVID-19 you probably didn’t have a second thought about calling an Anaheim, CA plumbing service for help, but now you may be a bit reluctant to have someone in your house.
It is perfectly normal to be wary about having contact with anyone you don’t have to, but there are certain plumbing situations that you should not try to fix on your own. Attempting to troubleshoot these issues on your own may lead to a larger plumbing bill and an emergency that you will have less control over.
It is better to call an Anaheim, CA plumber promptly and have them come to your home to fix the issue before water damage occurs and you need to call in more professionals. Our plumbing service takes many preventative steps to ensure that your family is as safe as possible during our service call. With proper precautions, fixing a plumbing issue can be quick and efficient, so long as it does not turn into an emergency because you wait too long.
Here are a few common plumbing emergencies that demand a quick call to a plumber. Whatever you do, don’t wait. With everyone at home now, you need to keep every system in your home in proper working condition.
You Don’t Have Hot Water
 If you are like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to your hot water heater. It’s probably tucked in the corner of your basement or utility closet, but the moment you wake up without hot water it will become the most important appliance in your home. If your hot water heater is not functioning correctly you will not be able to clean dishes, take a shower, wash clothes, run the dishwasher, or complete any other task that requires hot water.
It can be tempting to try to fix your water heater on your own, but this is a job best left to a plumber. Water heaters are complicated, and they are usually integrated with the electrical or gas system within your home. The last thing you want to do is cause a larger problem. A professional service can more accurately identify the problem and help you determine if you need to repair it or replace it.
Water Pressure Drops
 Depending on who you are, a drop in water pressure might be worse than a loss of hot water. If it is taking you multiple minutes to fill a glass or you find yourself hating showers it may be time to call a plumbing service. Low water pressure is very annoying, and if it happens quickly this is a good sign that something major might have happened to your plumbing system somewhere throughout your home.
You may be inclined to troubleshoot the situation on your own, but once again this is not always the best idea. It can be extremely hard to find the exact problem that is causing your decreased water pressure, but a professional service has the right tools to isolate the problem. If you have low water pressure throughout your home diagnosing the issue will likely be even more complicated.
Depending on what the source of the pressure loss is, attempting to fix that on your own can also be disastrous. You can end up causing more damage that leads to flooding or more broken piping. Fixtures, for example, are notoriously hard to put back together once they are disassembled, and pretty much every plumbing service can tell stories of what they have had to repair following poor customer choices.
Also, you shouldn’t ignore lowered water pressure in your home. While you may be able to live with it in theory, this is an indication that something is wrong in your plumbing system. It could be the result of a leak, a blockage, or another plumbing issue. Ignoring the signs can lead to a burst pipe or a complete blockage that causes a major backup in your basement. Calling a professional service as soon as you start noticing water pressure issues will save you frustration and money in the long run.
No one likes discovering they have a blocked pipe, but if you call a plumbing service sooner instead of later you can relieve yourself of a lot of frustration. Some people automatically think they will just purchase some drain cleaner and take care of the blockage on their own.
However, while you can buy these products almost anywhere, they usually do more damage than they do good in the long run. Over time continual use of drain cleaners will eat away the coating on your pipes. It’s pretty easy to see why. After all, the corrosive materials that makeup drain cleaning solutions are designed to eat through anything that could be blocking your pipe. That means that they can eat the material on your pipes as well leading to corrosion and damaged pipes that will result in needing a plumbing service professional to investigate.
Second, most drain cleaners only eat away the blockage partially. So, while the drain may start moving again, it will only be a short period before the blockage seals itself off again. At this point, you will use more drain cleaning and start a vicious cycle.
A plumber, on the other hand, can scope the drain, find the blockage cause, and remove it thoroughly so that you don’t have to worry about the issue again. Whether you have a blockage, no hot water, or are experiencing a drop in water pressure, a plumbing service can help you get to the bottom of your issues.
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