Oh, crap! is sometimes a literal description of the problem, and at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, we’re ready for your call when your plumbing makes you shout out loud. Whether things are backing up all over the house or you’ve lost a priceless item down the drain, we’ll drop everything and come over to make things right. That’s what emergency plumbers do, after all. (Skip to the end for our number if you need us now.)
We Don’t Add Insult to Injury
We love it when you call us for inspections, maintenance, and plumbing renewal on a scheduled basis, but we don’t pile on the fees when you use our 24/7 availability. That means you can get an emergency plumber working on a problem that got out of hand, and not wait until it’s worse but the timing is better. Relax — we’ll take care of the immediate problem and help you sort out how things got that way so it won’t happen again. We’re full-service plumbers, so once you call us, you can keep calling us for all your plumbing needs.
It Always Happens in the Middle of the Night
But sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe you’re the one house on the street in Laguna Beach, CA with the lights on because your toilets have turned into fountains. It could be that you’re just stuck making dinner with a kitchen sink that won’t drain. Either way, we know you need your expert emergency plumber whenever trouble arises.
We Might Meet in a Crisis, but We’re Your Full-Service Plumber for the Long Term
We wear many hats: emergency plumber, comprehensive plumbing evaluator, remodeling contractor, fixture installer, and sleuth who figures out long-term, annoying problems. We’re full-service, high-tech, up-to-date, professional, and reliable. We want to earn your trust and long-term business, and we’ve got the experience that shows we can.
We Diagnose, Repair, and Upgrade Your Plumbing Using the Latest Technology and Techniques
It’s in the follow-through where we get out the cool gear that can really make a difference such as: video inspection, hydro-jetting, listening devices that help us find leaks without opening walls and floors. We’re trained and experienced in the latest technology, and we can put it to work to save you money, time, and any plumbing calls in the future.
Enjoy the Peace of Mind of Clear-Running Plumbing — and Knowing Who to Call if It Isn’t
Imagine calling us at midnight and saying, hi, you folks came over and installed my new dishwasher, and I really liked working with you. By the way, my upstairs bathroom is flooded! We’re the same plumbers you trust by day, arriving as emergency plumbers to fix urgent problems at any hour.
What’s More Stressful than Plumbing Problems? Not Knowing a Good Plumber When You Need One
When your plumbing is acting up and you need a quick fix, don’t worry, call bluefrog. The situation will be a lot less stressful to deal with if you know who you’re calling about it. Simply put us on speed dial and relax. We’re the ones to call whether you’ve got sinks backing up or are remodeling your bathrooms. Either way, you’ll be happy with our work, our professionalism, and our respect for you and your family.
Strangers in the Night, Working in Your Bathroom
Emergency plumbers can be somewhat intrusive, focusing on fixing the problem but not always doing it with style and consideration for the family whose lives they’ve entered. We’re a local area plumber who knows our clients and cares about them, and we want to make sure your emergency repairs don’t add to your trauma any more than they have to.
Sump Pumps, Sewer Lines, and Rising Water
Sinks and toilets aren’t the only emergencies we take care of. Sometimes we can tell by the caller’s voice that the water is rising, and as your emergency plumber, we’re on it in a hurry. It could be a stuck sump pump, a backed-up sewer line, or a leak that’s opened into a flood. We’ve got the tools, people, and expertise to wrestle your plumbing disaster in Laguna Beach, CA under control and help you get started cleaning up.
Finding a Leak the Old-Fashioned Way Can Make a Mess — But There’s a New Way!
Leaks aren’t often in plain view, unfortunately. They can be in the walls, under concrete, in the yard or under the floor. An emergency plumber can dig, cut, and explore to find it and leave you with a lot of repairs to do. There’s another way — ask us about our sophisticated listening equipment which often can pinpoint the problem in a hidden pipe and help us zero in on the first try.
Visions of Bobcats, Digging Up Your Yard? Let’s Tell You a Happy Story About Hydro-jetting
What a nightmare a clogged sewer line can be! There’s not much an emergency visit can do right away in many cases. You never know, though, with bluefrog. For large pipes and small, we can take a look, diagnose the problem and, if appropriate for the piping, blast it clean with the latest hydro-jetting techniques.
Emergency Plumbing Is Serious Business. We’re Seriously Good at It.
We want your emergency plumbing business. We can think of no one better to help you out of a bind when you’ve got a big, wet mess on your hands. But we also want to build a relationship with you, to help you keep your whole-house plumbing up to date and suggest the best ways to install new fixtures.
Your Speed-Dial Plumber
We’re proud of the top-quality work we do and we love doing it. Whether you need an emergency plumber right now (call us at 949-393-0933 right away if you do) or just want to take care of some non-urgent issues and have a number to call in emergencies (again, that’s 949-393-0933), give us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the Laguna Beach, CA area a call today!

Photo By Andrey_Popov at Shutterstock