What are you doing tonight, or this weekend? Taking on your slow or blocked drains? Have you been using the downstairs bathroom until someone has time to try a few things to fix the bedroom one? What are you waiting for? At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, CA, plumbing problems are our old adversaries. You know the hero always wins. We win because we know drain cleaning, no matter how big and menacing it gets.
Do You Know What Lurks Behind Your Walls and Under Your Yard?
Orange County, CA has a very diverse sewer system — all 580 miles of it. Whether you’re working inside your house or dealing with your sewer lateral — the pipe from your home to the main sewer line — it can take a professional just to identify what kind of piping you’re dealing with. It could be PVC or ABS plastic, cast iron, even clay. But maybe you have a simple stuck drain? Drain cleaning strategies can vary a lot depending on the piping material. We’ll figure it out and apply an effective solution for your situation.
The First Signs of Trouble
The spooky bathtub bubbling foul-smelling goop, the kitchen sink which hasn’t drained for days, and the toilet which flows up and onto your floor instead of down have end-stage symptoms, and they probably gave you some clues before now.
Drain cleaning is much simpler when your kitchen sink is just a bit slow, your toilet makes funny noises or doesn’t refill right, and your shower has only a couple of inches of standing but draining water when you finish. We don’t mind if you call before disaster hits, let’s get the job done.
The First Mistakes
By now, you’ve probably searched online and found out that plumbers aren’t so fond of drain cleaning chemicals and even plungers applied without pro expertise. In the first case, our life gets much more complicated because now we aren’t just trying to clear out your water and waste, we’re trying to stay clear of splashes of caustic chemicals.
In the second case, the plunger, pushing lightly stuck material further down the drain can get it really stuck, and in some places where access isn’t so easy. We love it when you call and say, I haven’t tried anything yet — it’s the best-case drain cleaning scenario!
We’re Experienced, AND We Have Really Cool Tools
We know your house, because in Orange County we’ve probably worked on one very much like it, maybe even learning about the quirks in the plumbing and how the sewer line is run. We’re top-notch general plumbers, and we have the latest tools that use science instead of brute force so we can identify the problem, then fix it. Sometimes we have to fall back on old school methods, but we do that like champs, too. We’ve saved the day in some pretty tough situations along the way, and when you call us for a little job like a leaky faucet, you’ll know and trust us for the big ones should they arise.
Let’s Try to Avoid the “Uh-oh, the toilet’s clogged again” Repetition
It’s possible that you can get a stuck toilet flowing, or a kitchen sink draining, or a bathroom sink clearing by the time you’ve brushed your teeth. Chances are that you’ll be repeating whatever drain cleaning trick you used to fix it again, and maybe on a regular basis. Wouldn’t you like to stop that and enjoy truly free-flowing drains? Call us.
Divide and Conquer — Finding the Real Problem and Applying a Pro Solution
As local drain cleaning professionals, we’ve developed the art and science of plumbing that we employ. We’ve got great tools for everything from blasting out clogs that nothing else will touch to finding leaks with sophisticated listening devices. When we’re making your drains and sewer lines quick and effective, we use these tools to make sure we’re as close to the problem as we can get, before we get out the old-fashioned tools.
When Your Whole House Is Slow
Sometimes, especially when your house is older, the sewer line to the street can accumulate enough material that it starts to clog like a drain — or an artery — that’s almost fully blocked, but still letting some water through. Over time, even more stuff, especially from your toilets and kitchen sink, gathers at the constriction and speeds your sewer towards a full-on backup, when your tubes are burping ugly stuff and other nastiness is happening. We have some amazing sewer and drain cleaning tricks to deal with this that could be much less disruptive than you imagined.
An Ounce of Technology Can Beat a Ton of Backhoe Work
Video inspection and hydro jetting can really clear out your pipes or sewer line, without all the digging and yard disruption. Sometimes we also find tree intrusions into your sewer line, and it’s important that we know that’s the problem, because we may have to deal with each cleaning situation differently. Keeping it simple but effective makes us your plumbing heroes.
Don’t Just Hope It’s a Simple Fix — Call Us and Really Take Care of It
The pipes and sewers here locally can be a challenge. You probably don’t want to take them on. Drain cleaning is our job and we love it because we do it well. When you know your drain problem has probably been brewing for a while, put down that plunger. Cut the long sad story of homeowner versus drain monster short and give us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County a call. We’re available twenty-four hours, for emergencies or just common sense maintenance and inspections, at 949-393-0933.
Photo By Malchev at Shutterstock