Leaks Are a Serious Matter
Newport Beach, CA residents should treat leaks as a serious matter in need of plumbing service. On their own, small leaks aren’t particularly threatening. Unfortunately, small leaks have a tendency of turning into big leaks, which are much more problematic for most people. After all, water damage is no laughing matter, not least because it can make for laborious and time-consuming clean-up. As such, it is better for Newport Beach, CA residents to be too cautious rather than not cautious enough when it comes to calling in plumbing service for leaks.
What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Leaks?
Here are some of the most common causes of leaks that need to be repaired through plumbing service:
Broken Seals
There are seals on water connectors plus other critical locations in the plumbing system. Unfortunately, these seals are not invulnerable, meaning that they can break down from a wide range of causes with sufficient passage of time. Should that happen, homeowners might be able to pick up on said occurrence by checking for puddles on the floor as well as noticeable condensation in places where there shouldn’t be enough moisture to create said phenomenon.
Clogged Lines
People have been known to put a wide range of things into their plumbing systems. The problem is that while plumbing systems are built to be sturdy, they aren’t capable of accommodating all of the things that get put into them. As a result, they can get clogged, which is particularly problematic because a partial blockage makes it easier and easier for more things to become stuck in the pipes. This is a serious threat that needs plumbing service to be called in because the impeded flow of water makes for increased water pressure on the pipes, thus increasing the chances of something breaking. Sometimes, Newport Beach, CA homeowners can expect this to produce leaks. Other times, they can expect burst pipes instead.
Water is capable of causing corrosion in a wide range of materials. Plumbing systems are meant to be resistant to such phenomena, but their resistance can fail for one reason or another. Should that happen, the result is corrosion, which will necessitate plumbing service to be called in so that the corroded pipes can be replaced. Something that is particularly important because corroded pipes are also weaker pipes. On the plus side, corrosion is very noticeable in a lot of cases. It can produce very blatant changes of color in the water that comes out of pipes. Furthermore, it can be picked up by other senses such as taste as well as smell.
Damaged Joints
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the joints in the plumbing system are some of the places that are most susceptible to wear and tear. In part, this is because they are already weak points because of their very function. However, it should also be noted that they have to put up with some of the most serious pressure. As such, homeowners might want to keep a watchful eye on the joints of their plumbing system, which can be made even more effective by calling in plumbing service for a check-up from time to time.
Too Much Pressure
On a related note, the pipes of a plumbing system have the longest useful lifespan when the water pressure is at a reasonable level. After all, flowing water possesses plenty of power, meaning that it is more than capable of eroding the pipes over time. Higher water pressure increases the rate at which this happens, thus increasing the chances of a plumbing problem that will need plumbing service to be called in. There are some plumbing systems that can withstand higher water pressure, but you need to call a plumber to confirm that information if they are unsure about a particular plumbing system.
Tree Roots
It is very easy to assume that tree roots are harmless. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that tree roots possess incredible power, so much so that they can break into sewer lines in order to get at what the tree sees as water as well as other valuable nutrients. Having said that, homeowners have plenty of ways to prevent the need for plumbing service for this particular reason. For example, they can avoid planting trees too close to their sewer line, thus reducing the chances of tree roots making their way in. Likewise, they can install barriers to prevent tree roots from getting at sewer lines, which can mean physical barriers as well as chemical barriers.
Rapid Temperature Changes
Should something heat up, it expands and if it cools down, it contracts. Generally speaking, this isn’t a huge issue. However, if someone is heated and cooled in rapid succession, that can cause enormous stress with potentially serious consequences. In particular, it is worth mentioning that it is perfectly possible for pipes to crack from rapid heating and cooling, which can make for a real nuisance to say the least.
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