Drain cleaning is probably not high on anyone’s list of regular household chores. That may be because most homeowners give zero thought to their plumbing and drains — unless something goes wrong with them. When that happens the unpleasant reality that domestic life really does revolve around efficiently functioning plumbing and drainage infrastructure sinks in. As part of the guts of your house and a facility that you likely use several times daily, plumbing deserves deeper consideration when it comes to regular care.
So why is the lowly act of drain cleaning so integral to the smooth running of your household? Here are six reasons why:
Drainage Issues Can Disrupt Daily Life
Anyone who has had to live with a backed-up sink, a clogged toilet, or no running water due to a burst pipe can testify that plumbing and drain issues can take over the life of your household. And that can make for a miserable few hours, or even days and weeks. If water damage occurs there is then the added headache of cleaning up, patching and repairing. Not only is a plumbing or drainage disaster inconvenient, it can be time consuming to fix and expensive as well.
Regular scheduled drain cleaning and maintenance by a professional plumbing service such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, CA can prevent household disruptions and keep plumbing and drain infrastructure running smoothly. A trusted plumbing technician can inspect and clean drains and connecting pipes to ensure no catastrophes are looming and that everything is running the way it should.
Drainage Issues Can Cause Damage to Your Home
Unless water is contained, it has huge potential to wreak havoc on the structural integrity of any building. It can ruin interior finishes, drywall and hardwood floors, for example, but really any material it comes into contact with. Worse, a broken pipe can lead to a flooded basement and damage to your home’s foundation. These kinds of damage can be difficult and expensive to re-mediate, especially as home insurance doesn’t always cover the full cost. And no one is going to compensate a homeowner for the inconvenience, hassle and time lost to returning things to normal.
The best way to avoid costly water damage from a damaged or clogged drain or pipe is to make sure your home’s plumbing infrastructure is clear and working efficiently. Regular drain cleaning and plumbing inspections can absolutely help with that.
Drainage Issues Can Be a Health Hazard
Any event that leads to backed up or standing water is a potential health hazard. That’s because mold and mildew can develop in an environment with excess moisture. For the very young, the very old and those with compromised immune or respiratory systems, or allergies mold and mildew can cause serious illness. Keeping water contained, yet flowing freely in the way it is supposed, all the while keeping surrounding infrastructure dry and secure, should be the goal of any correctly installed plumbing system, including drains and pipes. Regularly scheduled drain cleaning can be a positive step towards ensuring that your home does not become hazardous to your family’s health.
Drains Are Part of a Larger Community System
The fact that your home’s plumbing system connects to a larger infrastructure of municipal drains, water supply, and sewage pipes means that it’s only right to do your civic duty in keeping your own pipes and drains clear and in good repair. That can mean installing sump pumps or backflow barriers to prevent sewage or waste water from backing up into the community water supply, or being mindful of excavation work in areas of pipes and connectors. Regular inspections and drain cleaning are also handy for keeping your home’s plumbing infrastructure in good shape and free of problems that can cause headaches for your entire neighborhood. A plumbing professional can think big picture, looking at consequences down the pipeline as well as the immediate impacts on your home.
DIY Doesn’t Really Cut It When It Comes to Drains and Plumbing
Some homeowners embrace the DIY approach when it comes to home maintenance and repairs because they enjoy being self-sufficient. But most do it in an effort to save money, not because they have the affinity or skill set for fixing household problems themselves. This can be a false economy. Repairing a broken door latch is one thing; tackling a complex system like plumbing and drainage is another. Without the right knowledge and tools, substantial damage can be done and time is wasted with temporary jerry-rigged solutions that don’t get at the heart of the problem. Rather than going in blindly with a plumber’s snake and can of toxic drain solution, consider calling in a professional when there’s a problem with drains and pipes. Better yet, schedule a regular maintenance and cleaning call to head off problems before they occur.
Hiring a Professional Can Save You Time and Money
Because a plumbing professional with a respected drain cleaning service comes equipped with special tools and industry knowledge, they’ll be able to spot and troubleshoot any potential problem, heading it off before it becomes a potentially damaging issue. A small annual investment can pay off big time in averting costly repairs, inconvenience and hassle. If you think long term investment rather than short term solution, you’ll see the value in working with a plumbing professional.
Are you a homeowner in Orange County, CA? Got a plumbing problem? Or are you curious about the benefits of regular drain cleaning? Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, CA to learn more about their comprehensive menu of drain cleaning and plumbing services. Don’t tackle plumbing issues yourself in the spirt of DIY — call in a professional and get to the root of the problem fast. Chances are, you won’t regret it.
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