There are different plumbing problems that each homeowner may experience at some point in life. Some of these problems occur quite often than others. There are those issues that you can solve by yourself, while there are others that require to be fixed by a professional plumber. Knowing how to solve these problems can save you a lot of money.
Never allow plumbing problems to interrupt your lifestyle by staying alert and working on ways to prevent them from happening. Below are some of the most prevalent issues and how you can solve them.
Slow Draining Sink
Most home owners have experienced such a problem. With time, the pop-up used to stop the sink tends to collect hair and other debris, thus creating an obstacle within the drain system. As a result, you have to carry out drain cleaning to get the water flowing. Drain cleaning can be done using a plunger, which uses suction pressure to get rid of the obstacle. Alternatively, qualified plumbing technicians from Orange County, CA, recommend the use of a Bio smart drain cleaner.
Bio smart is considered to be safer and environmentally friendly compared to other conventional chemicals used for drain cleaning. This is because some substances react harshly with the pipes, eroding, and damaging them. In case this problem persists or occurs regularly, seek drain cleaning services from licensed plumbers.
Running Toilet
This is another plumbing problem that is familiar to many homeowners. A running toilet occurs when water from the tank flows continuously into the bowl. This happens due to the following reasons:

  • The flapper valve is damaged and allows water to pass through it without flushing
  • Issues with the fill tube
  • Improperly balanced float

With the right tools of work, this is a problem that you can handle by yourself. You can achieve this by correctly replacing the damaged parts. However, if this is done wrongly, more severe issues may arise. If you successfully replace the elements, but the problem doesn’t stop, don’t hesitate to contact professional drain cleaning plumbers for assistance.
Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure is a plumbing problem that can be frustrating to deal with. Imagine getting into the shower only to find water trickling instead of gushing out of the showerhead.
Low water pressure could be due to having a leak in the pipe or a blocked shower head caused by building up of calcium and magnesium deposits in the faucet aerator.
To solve the problem, remove the faucet aerator and clean out all the debris in it or else replace it. Having tried this, and you still find issues with your water pressure, don’t hesitate to contact experienced drain cleaning plumbers in Orange County, CA.
Leaky Faucets
Leaking faucets are not only annoying but also wasteful and costly. This is a common predicament that most homeowners have experienced, causing them to squeeze their budgets to cater for the high water bills at the end of the month. Most leaks result from having a worn-out seat washer, which is supposed to form a watertight seal but has failed.
To stop the leak, you have to replace the worn-out washer with a new one. You can also stop it by getting a new faucet instead of taking it apart to replace the seal. You could carry out such a repair by yourself if you have the right tools. But if you don’t have the tools, you shouldn’t be worried because drain cleaning plumbing experts in Orange County, CA, have got you covered.
Leaking Pipes
Leaks commonly occur around pipe joints and also the areas that have been eroded by rust. Pipe leaks are indicated by a puddle of water pooling on pipes or water patches on the ceiling and walls of your house.
Potential leaks can be prevented by occasionally inspecting the pipes for rust and lime deposits. To repair a leak, you have to replace the problematic area. If a leak is not fixed the right way, this can result in more severe damages. To avoid such a situation, seek professional services from drain cleaning plumbers.
Slow Draining Tub
Having a slow draining tub is another common plumbing problem that can be easily fixed. The leading cause of a slow draining tub is hair. Drain cleaning to get rid of the hair debris in the system can be done using either a pair of needle-nose pliers or the zip it tool. For you to get to the hair clog obstacle, you have to remove the tub stopper first, if present.
Experienced drain cleaning plumbers recommend periodic removal of the debris as a plumbing system preventative and maintenance measure.
Worn Out Hose Bibb
If you live in areas that are prone to frosty winters, your hose Bibb will crack and get damaged due to changes in temperature. A damaged hose bibb becomes prone to leakage and can occasion the loss of hundreds of water gallons every month.
To solve problems arising from a damaged hose bibb, you should replace it. You can avoid too many replacements by purchasing a heavy-duty and frost-proof hose bibb.
Burst Pipes
This is a common plumbing problem that occurs mainly during the cold weather seasons. When cold weather sets in, water inside the pipes freeze and subsequently expands, and this can result in pipes bursting.
When you turn on your faucet and water fails to run out of it, it’s a sign that your pipes are frozen. You should turn off the main water supply and call local pro technicians to help you out. You can avoid such problems by insulating your pipes, or keep trickles of water flowing when the temperatures fall below the freezing point.
No Hot Water
Imagine how disappointed you would be on waking up to a cold shower during winter. Loss of hot water results from having a damaged water heater, a problem with the electricity, or a plumbing leak. This can be solved by inspecting the water heater and changing the thermostat.
For regular leak inspections and other preventative maintenance practices, contact the pro plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County.
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