When you have leaky pipes, require water heater repairs or have clogged drains, turn to reliable plumbing service in Newport Beach, CA. We come to your home or business and provide fast, effectiveservice to avoid interrupting your busy day. Troubleshooting plumbing issues empowers you to talk through the problem with a professional plumber and helps you understand the necessary work.
Leave the hard work to the experts such as the licensed, insured plumbers at bluefrog Drain + Plumbing. We have dedicated technicians who perform only the plumbing service you need. Instead of worrying about whether you made the right choice, you gain a plumbing system that’s back in working order. You can spend your weekend enjoying the sunny beaches of Newport instead of combing through reviews online. We’ll get the job done right.
Choose bluefrog Drain + Plumbing for comprehensive commercial and residential plumbing. Also, we specialize in drain and sewer problems the local handyman can’t handle. Call us for routine drain maintenance and around-the-clock help with plumbing emergencies.
When you call a plumber for your Newport Beach, CA, home or business, bluefrog technicians come ready to get the job done right the first time. For example, your dated hot water heater bursts and floods the basement. Food, oil and grease clogs cause a backup in your bathroom. We are ready to come to the rescue.
After the technicians diagnose the problem, you receive a fair estimate for the required plumbing service. We won’t start until you understand the problem and what needs to be done.
Drain Obstructions
Whether you’ve dropped something in the sink or flushed something you shouldn’t have, drain obstructions are best treated quickly, to avoid more serious plumbing issues. Our technicians choose the least damaging remedy to fix the problem. From plungers to augers, we’ll clear the pipe so that your plumbing is back in working condition.
Sewer Leaks
Sewer line leaks are another common plumbing service we perform. Sewer lines connect your drainpipes to the city line or the septic system on your property. In the event or broken, leaking sewer lines, source of the damage is easy to spot. There are many repercussions to having a sewer line that’s leaking effluent directly into the soil. While it may cause the grass and landscaping to thrive, this is a serious health hazard.
Sinking soil and lush green spots could signify a leaking sewer pipe that requires immediate drain cleaning service to clear any blockage as well as more extensive work to repair significant leaks.
Water Heaters
For clients who require plumbing service on traditional or tankless water heaters, bluefrog Drain + Plumbing technicians are certified and have many years of experience in this and other types of plumbing maintenance. Schedule an appointment to fix, maintain or replace your water heater.
Drain Cleaning with an Auger
Cleaning a drainpipe with an auger and an appropriate attachment clears the blockage and helps clean any other buildup in the line. When our technicians perform this plumbing service, we find the drain cap closest to the leak or blockage. Then, we remove the cap to release the buildup and start feeding the cable into the drainpipe. Sometimes, the clog releases immediately and other times we may have to run the cable to the city line or your on-site septic tank.
If you’re thinking about performing this task yourself, it’s not recommended. Clog drainpipes and sewer lines contain raw sewage that may have built up over time. Protective clothing and proper handling of equipment are essential to ensure the health and well-being of your family. Let us do the dirty work.
Video Camera Inspection
Sewer video inspections make it easy to example a cracked or broken pipe to figure out the best way to fix it. Sometimes, our technicians need to use the camera to find the location of the leak to ensure that they perform the appropriate plumbing service.
A flexible rod holds a high-resolution camera that sends the signal back to the monitor. These video images can even be saved on videotape to create a record for an insurance claim or other purposes. Transmitters on the device help us determine the depth and location so that we can choose the quickest way to get to the pipe and fix the problem.
Maintenance Contracts
When you properly maintain your Newport Beach, CA, plumbing system, you can save on costs and repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance to fix small problems can prevent them from becoming a major project that drains your banking account.
Our maintenance contracts let you schedule annual maintenance that may include mild chemicals that help prevent clogs and blockages. When you call for service, be sure to ask us or our technician about the different plans available.
How often you need to perform preventive maintenance varies, depending on whether it’s a residential or commercial property, the size and complexity of the plumbing, the age of the plumbing and how often it’s been maintained in the past. Our technicians can provide great advice on how to maintain your plumbing system and prevent the problem from reoccurring at your home or business.
Choosing the Right Plumbing Service
Choose bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the Newport Beach, CA area, to provide professional plumbing service in Orange County. You can trust us to provide top-notch drain cleaning as well as any other plumbing maintenance, installations and replacement jobs that arise in your new or existing home.
Contact us today to receive free work estimates or to diagnose your plumbing problem. We promise to provide only honest feedback on the what has to be done to resolve the problem in your drainpipes or sewer lines.
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