Stepping under the shower and getting met with a sad, slow stream of water that barely constitutes as drizzle is never a great way to walk up. While slightly better than running out of hot water, low water pressure can be a depressing way to start the day. It can also be a signal that it is time to call a Costa Mesa, CA plumbing service.
After all, low water pressure affects more than just your morning shower. Low water pressure can make a simple task like washing your hands take a few minutes since you need more than a drizzle to rinse your hands. It can make doing the dishes or filling up a pan to boil water a tedious chore. It is not something that you want to get used to when the solution can be as easy as calling a plumbing company.
In most cases, low water pressure is not an isolated event. It is usually a symptom that something is wrong with her plumbing system. There are a variety of reasons why you may suddenly be dealing with low water pressure, so you need a trained professional who can help you get to the bottom of the situation fast. While you are waiting for a Costa Mesa, CA plumbing service, here are some of the top causes of low water pressure. Don’t be surprised if your plumber tells you that one of these is responsible for your issues.
Debris Buildup
If you only have low water pressure in one area of your home or within one or two fixtures such as the sink and shower of your bathroom, then there is a good chance that debris buildup is behind the problem. The water that comes into your home is filled with minerals and when it goes down your drains with debris. Eventually, the minerals and debris can accumulate within your pipes and on the fixtures in your home.
Once the buildup becomes excessive it can lead to a blockage that cuts off the amount of water that is allowed to flow through the pipes. Eventually, only a small amount of water can pass through which is what makes it appear that you suddenly have low water pressure in your home. A professional can inspect the piping and fixtures in the room where you are experiencing water pressure issues to determine if this is the cause or not. If it is, they can clean out your pipes, fixtures, and drains to ensure you don’t have to deal with it anytime soon.
Problem with the Main Shut-Off Valve
If you are noticing water pressure issues throughout your home, then it may be time to take a look at your main shut-off valve. Sometimes it can get hit or shifted slightly which can be just enough to slow down your water pressure. Ideally, your shut-off valve should be completely open. If it is open, then it may be time to consult a plumber. Some valves have a pressure-reducing valve installed that may be working overtime. A Costa Mesa, CA plumber can help you adjust the settings so that you get the water pressure that you want.
While you could adjust the valve on your own, it is a good idea to get input from a plumber because you don’t want to turn the pressure up too high. While high water pressure is generally preferred to low water pressure, too high can cause damage to your plumbing system and cause it to prematurely age. A professional can help you ascertain a happy medium that you can be content with and your plumbing system can handle comfortably.
Unknown Water Leak
Low water pressure can be caused by an unknown water leak in your home. Sometimes a drip starts behind the walls and because you can’t see it and damage is not evident yet you don’t know about it. The water can flow out of your plumbing and trickle down a hole, crack, or the side of your wall. Since you are losing water from the hole or crack, the stream that hits your fixture is not half as forceful.
Leaks can hide in numerous places around your home. Most plumbing is hidden behind walls and flooring, so it is impossible to check your entire home for leaks on your own. A trained plumber, however, has the tools to carefully examine your home for leaks. They also know how to isolate the areas that are related to your low-pressure problem. You also want a professional plumber to repair the leak and restore the water pressure within your home.
Your Neighbors
It may be hard to believe, but there’s a chance that you have low water pressure because of your neighbors. If a significant amount of your neighbors have the same or similar schedules then the pressure could be lowering in homes in your neighborhood. If everyone on the street is showering at roughly the same time then everyone on the same main water line will notice their pressure is lower.
There is always the off chance that something is wrong with your municipal water supply as well. If your neighbors are also complaining of low water pressure at all times of day, then it’s a good idea to call your water supplier to see if they are aware and working on the issue.
Call a Professional Plumber
We can’t help you if your neighbors are showering at the same time as you, but for any plumbing related issues, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County is happy to come out and assess the situation. Our plumbers are knowledgeable about low water pressure and are ready to troubleshoot your problem. Give us a call so we can send out a Costa Mesa, CA plumber to your home today.
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