Being a homeowner can be overwhelming. Items in the house stop working and fall apart. Many plumbing businesses offer emergency plumber services. This is because they understand that plumbing emergencies happen at all times, and homeowners need a response right away. And, attempting to fix these problems yourself often leads to even more issues. However, how do you know what situation qualifies as dire enough to call an emergency plumber? Keep reading for a breakdown of the top 10 most common plumbing emergencies.
Overflowing Toilet
An overflowing toilet happens instantly and creates an uncomfortable mess. To avoid this common plumbing issue, avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Additionally, limit the amount of toilet paper per flush, opting for several flushes when necessary. If you have children in the home, explain what flushing items down the toilet can do.
If your toilet overflows, find your water supply valve beneath the toilet tank to stop more water from flowing into the toilet bowl. An overflowing toilet definitely qualifies for calling a plumber as you need access to a functioning bathroom throughout the day!
Gas Leaks
Perhaps one of the most critical emergencies is a gas leak. Specifically, plumbers often deal with gas leaks associated with the furnace. If you suspect a gas leak, make sure everything is turned off and evacuate your home immediately. Next, notify your gas company so they can turn off the gas to your house. Lastly, call an emergency plumber to come and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Give the plumber as much information as possible, so they understand what the situation is.
Clogged Sinks
Typically, a clogged sink isn’t considered an emergency. However, this is the type of problem that will continue to build up and worsen over time if it’s not addressed. If you don’t fix the problem, the clogged sink may eventually stop allowing any water to flow through. As soon as you notice water trickling out of your sinks slowly, call a plumber, and avoid the situation turning into an emergency.
Clogged Bathtubs and Drains
If your bathtub isn’t draining, you’ll notice it almost immediately. You will get into the shower and feel the water rising above your ankles. The cause of clogged bathtubs is usually a build-up of soap scum and hair. This often happens quickly and can continually get worse in just a few days. While not an emergency necessarily, you should call for a plumber the same day that you notice the blockage.
Leaky Faucets & Toilets
You will be very aware of your leaky faucet as you try to concentrate on a task and hear the irritating drip, drip, drip. Leaky faucets and toilets shouldn’t be ignored. The pooled water from a toilet can lead to floor damage, cause rust to build up, and can cause mold growth. Additionally, dripping over the day can add up to a costly water bill!
Water Heater Malfunctions
Your water heater allows you to take hot showers, wash the dishes, and do laundry throughout the day. If the unit malfunctions, you could lose your hot water, have water that is too hot, water that smells funny, or water that has a strange color. If your water heater is leaking, it could be adding unnecessary dollars to your utility bill. Depending on the issue, your water heater could just need a flush or repair, or it could require a full replacement. Either way, water heater issues qualify as a more than an acceptable reason to call an emergency plumber.
Burst Pipes
Probably one of the most frequent calls for an emergency plumber is for burst pipes. During the winter season, the additional pressure from water freezing and expanding can cause pipes to burst. If you notice a burst pipe, ensure to turn off the water immediately to minimize the amount of water flowing into your home and causing damage. Next, call a plumber. Never try to thaw pipes on your own as this can trigger bursting. Pipe bursts can require some pipe repair work or a full pipe replacement project.
Sewer Line Blockage
Signs of a sewer line blockage is if you notice multiple drain clogs in the home, gurgling toilets, water building around the basement drain, or a bad odor in the house. Once the sewage backs up into your home, it can cause extensive damage that is costly to repair and messy. If you can catch the symptoms before the sewage seeps into your home, call an emergency plumber immediately.
Wedding Ring Down the Drain
There is possibly no heart-stopping moment that can compare to when you feel your wedding ring slip off your finger and wash down the drain. This is a common occurrence plumbers deal with, as the combination of cold water shrinking the hands and soapy fingers causes rings to slide off easily. Make sure to stop using the sink and call an emergency plumber. Hopefully, your ring is still in the p-trap. A plumber will disassemble the piping and try to retrieve your ring.
Broken Water Lines
Your home has several water lines underneath it that supply water to the house. Your water lines are prone to damage from tree roots, digging mistakes, and earthquakes. When a broken water line occurs, typically, your yard will overflow, and the water pressure in your home will drastically decrease. Turn off your water supply and call an emergency plumber for assistance right away.
Call bluefrog Tustin, CA for Emergency Plumbing
bluefrog has locations across the nation and is proud to serve the Tustin, CA, area. Customers can call bluefrog for plumbing services in drain cleaning and hydro-jetting, water heaters (traditional and tankless), sewer and water lines, gas lines, water filtration, water softeners, whole-house re-piping, and fixture repairs and replacement. The bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Tustin, CA, always has an emergency plumber available for those problems that just can’t wait until the morning. Call today to request a service or get a quote.
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