If you own or rent a home in Santa Ana, CA you need to know what you could be doing to help protect the plumbing. After all, you really don’t want to have to pay for plumbing repair. So, how can you make sure that you’re keeping your plumbing operating the way that it should be? Well, there are a few important things that you could do. And make sure you’re not falling back into bad habits. Those commercials you watch on TV aren’t going to pay for your plumber if it turns out their claim isn’t true.
Stop Putting Food Down the Garbage Disposal
Yes, we all like the idea of a garbage disposal that just takes care of everything for us, but it’s really not that simple. When you put food down the garbage disposal it’s not always getting taken care of and it’s not always being pushed through the entire drain. Many times, it ends up stuck in the disposal or stuck in the drain somewhere. Once it’s there, it stays there and it starts to rot. That’s where you get a bad smell and eventually you get a clog.
If you are going to put food down the garbage disposal then you absolutely should avoid things like bones, pits and seeds that are too hard to be broken up by the disposal blades. Also, stringy foods like celery and corn husks should always be avoided. Finally, avoid putting any type of grease or oil into the disposal. It starts out as liquid but it starts to solidify long before it gets all the way through the drains and that causes some serious clogs.
Stop Flushing Anything but Human Waste
Really, your toilet is only designed to take human waste and that’s all the treatment plants are designed to deal with as well. You don’t want to put anything else into the toilet because it could actually cause damage or harm to your plumbing and anything that you’re connected to (including the sewage treatment plants) leaving you needing urgent plumbing repair. Now, we understand that people use toilet paper and this is also put into the toilet and that’s all right as well. While it’s not ideal for the system it’s designed in a way that makes sure it breaks down and doesn’t get stuck.
On the other hand, ”˜flushable’ wipes are definitely not something you should be putting in the toilet. These do not actually break down the way they say they do and they can become a problem later on through the system. They could also get clogged in your system, which means a costly plumbing repair that you definitely didn’t want. Flushing animal waste is also a big problem because animals can have serious diseases that you may not even know about but they could be harmful to humans. And because this type of waste is not meant to be flushed it can result in those bacteria getting into the rest of the water.
Stop Wiping Up the Water Leak
If you just keep wiping up the leak and assuming that it’s going to be okay it’s actually just going to keep causing you problems. Wiping up the water that leaks out of your sink or your tub or your toilet isn’t going to fix the problem. It’s actually only going to make it a bigger problem because you’re letting it keep going. You want to make sure you call someone for plumbing repair and get it taken care of as quickly as you can.
When you wipe up the mess you’re just hiding the issue. Yes, you want to clean that water off your floor, but you shouldn’t have to do it more than twice (the second time is to make sure it’s a leak and not just someone spilling water on the floor) before you call someone. Schedule an appointment as soon as you possibly can and get it taken care of, before it becomes a problem that is far bigger than a plumbing repair and you suddenly need to repair the walls, the floors and a whole lot more.
Stop Dealing with the Cold Water
If you’re not getting hot water from your house then there’s definitely something wrong with your plumbing and more specifically with your water heater. Don’t just sit back and let that happen. You and your family are definitely not going to be comfortable with a broken water heater, so don’t settle for it. You want to make sure that you’re getting the hot water that you need as quickly as possible. That’s going to make it a whole lot easier for you to get laundry and dishes done. Not to mention it’s going to make your showers a whole lot more comfortable.
You don’t want to sit back and deal with this for very long. So, call up someone to get out to your house and take care of the problem. If you’ve been dealing with the cold water for a long time you’re definitely going to be more than happy when you finally have hot water again. Not to mention it’s going to be important for keeping the pipes working properly and if you don’t know why your water heater is out it could actually be dangerous. Don’t settle for anything.
When it comes to plumbing repair, there are a few things that you could be doing in Santa Ana, CA to help with the problem. Make sure you know to call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County and when you should be calling them for plumbing repair. And make sure you’re not dealing with things that you don’t need to be. You can absolutely make a big improvement in your home just by paying attention to a few simple things and making sure you’re not hurting your plumbing when you could be making some great strides to protect it.
Photo By Tolikoff Photography at Shutterstock