Besides the obvious benefits such as removing bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants from your water supply, there’s more to home water filtration. You can get rid of the hassle of having to regularly call in a plumber to have your water tested.  Investing in an advanced home water filtration system is an investment into your and your household’s health and well being. But before we get into talking about the several benefits of a home water filtration and before you call in your designated plumber to install one, let’s go over the various types of it that are available out there in the market.
There is a range of home water filtration systems out there in the market, but to give you an idea, we’ll cover the most popular ones.
Activated Carbon 
Activated carbon systems are one of the least expensive and most commonly used ones out there. They are known to effectively remove chemicals, parasites, and contaminants such as heavy metals that may be there in your water supply. They’re fairly simple to install and manage as well.
Ion Exchange Systems
They are also known as water softeners or ion exchange filters. The positively charged ions are employed to draw out some of the harmful, negatively charged ions such as calcium and barium. Barium is notorious for causing health issues related to internal organs, while calcium and magnesium are damaging to your plumbing pipes. Furthermore, they also tend to give your water a bad taste.
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis filtration systems are being hailed as the most effective filtrations systems out there today.  It works by forcing the water through a semi-permeable film by employing air pressure. This effectively filters out almost all the contaminants from the water supply. Most reverse osmosis filtration systems have an elaborate filtration process involving at least 5 to 6 stages. Acquire the services of a professional plumber to install this one.
The Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System:
Safe Drinking Water Available at All Times
This one’s quite a basic benefit of any water filtration system. If you have one installed at your home, you can be assured that you have a 24/7 availability of safe and healthy drinking water – at least compared to what you’d get from the municipality treatment plants.
The unfiltered water, even after it has gone through the water treatment plants of the municipality, will contain substances such as lead. Furthermore, these treatment plants often employ chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride to treat the water. With a home water filtrations system installed in your home, things are different. A home water filtration system will further purify your tap water and rid it of such chemicals and most of the 2100 toxins that are known to be found in tap water. So call in your plumber to install one if you haven’t already.
Protect the Environment
Installing a filtration system at your home can actually be thought of as doing your own bit to protect the environment.  Plastic consumption is one of the major reasons for the world’s pollution levels and the destruction of various ecosystems around the world. 50 billion plastic water bottles were sold in the US alone last year, while only 38% could be recycled. The rest contributed to the growing plastic pollution. Now if you call in your plumber to install a new home system today, you will be effectively contributing towards reducing that plastic waste as you will cease to buy potable water that comes in plastic bottles and will consume the filtered tap water instead.
Minimize the Aggravation of Skin Conditions
Substances such as chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals in your tap water can have an adverse impact on your skin conditions. You or your household may be exposed to psoriasis or eczema. So call in a professional plumber to get one of the above-mentioned water filtration systems installed in your home if you or any of your family members happen to have a skin condition.
Save Money 
Buying bottled water for drinking every month obviously costs a lot of money. You can save all of it and cut out a major monthly expenditure by simply installing a home water filtration system. You can hope to save about $700 or more annually.
Cut Down on Plumbing Repair Bills
Heavy metals, chemicals, and other minerals in your water supply tend to take their toll on your plumbing system, corroding and damaging your pipes. Furthermore, your water-based appliances also get to be affected, such as your washing machines, refrigerators, ice maker, dishwashers, or garbage disposal. A home filtration system will save you from frequent repair bills and will enhance the life of your plumbing and appliances. So calling in your plumber to install one is not a bad idea at all.
Improve the Taste of Your Drinking Water
The chlorine and fluoride and other chemicals that municipal treatment plants add to your water supply tend to give it a bad taste. Besides ensuring a supply of impurity-free water, the home water filtration system will also improve the taste of tap water as it clears it of chemicals such as chlorine, lead, etc.
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