So you’ve noticed a spike in your water bills recently and are wondering what the reason behind this spike could be. An undetected household leak is one of the primary reasons behind the sudden surge in your water bills. Household water leaks that go on undetected will manifest in a number of problems for you; one of them is the overcharged water bill that you’ll have to pay. Apart from this, your property is exposed to creeping water damage and mold growth, both of which can be costly as well as hazardous. Unfortunately, a number of leaks tend to originate in places that are not quite out in the open for you to notice.
It is therefore crucial that you get a professional plumber on board to come and detect any hidden leaks around the house as soon as you suspect that there might be one. Below, we have put together some of the common household leaks that may be causing that spike in your water bills. This will enable you to be more vigilant and responsive towards these leaks around the house.
Leaky Faucets
A leaking faucet, if it goes on undetected, can cost you a few extra hundred dollars by the end of the year and a yearly water wastage that could amount to 20,000 liters. 20,000 liters is a lot of water that you’re not consuming and still paying for. There can be many reasons behind a leaking faucet; from fractured ceramic disc spindles to broken tap washers to mixer tap cartridges in need of replacement. A professional plumber will be able to look into it and fix it for you. Therefore, keep an eye out for signs of tap leaks around your house and call in a skilled plumber immediately if you suspect that there is a leak.
A Leaky Water Connection into the House
At times, the leak can be due to the black poly pipe that carries water from the water meter into your house. Over time, the fittings of the connection tend to weaken and result in a leak. Or it could be the damages or punctures from gardening activity above the ground.
Whatever the reason may be, if there is a leak in your house’s main line, you will be able to see wet, mushy patches of ground somewhere in you yard. This is not to be ignored. Call in a professional immediately to fix the underlying issue and save yourself hundreds of dollars in overcharged bills.
Water Filters
There is a network of connecting pipes leading to and from the water filters installed at your place. These connecting pipes are quite prone to developing leaks over time as they encounter regular wear and tear. It is often the ring that is supposed to control water flow that usually breaks down and results in a leak. Keep a vigilant eye out for any signs of slow dripping around these connecting pipes and call in a professional at the first sign of such a leak.
Excess Water Pressure
Most homeowners would prefer water gushing out of their faucets and showers at high pressure; however, too much of it can be detrimental to the plumbing pipes, especially if it’s irregular. Most plumbing fixtures and pipes can sustain it to a certain limit, beyond which, they will give way and develop leaks. You should acquire the services of a skilled plumber immediately in case such a scenario happens.
Flex Hoses
Many a time, it is the faulty flex hoses that will be behind a household water leak, costing you hundreds of dollars yearly in overcharged bills. Usually, the hot and cold water taps under the sinks and those on your laundry container will be where it takes place. So keep an eye out for any signs and acquire the services of a professional plumber to have them replaced in a timely manner.
Hot Water Units
The water heating system installed at your place will be prone to developing leaks for a number of reasons once it has run its course. It could be anything then; from loose connections that require tightening to rusty water tanks that have developed a leak. Leaks associated with water heaters and other heating fixtures will go on to cost you hundreds of dollars in overcharged bills by the end of the year.
It is therefore imperative that you spot these leaks early on and have them timely fixed. In fact, it is wise to have it inspected by a professional plumber regularly, especially if it’s past its prime.
Rapid Temperature Changes
Another reason for your household leaks that may be causing that spike in your water bills could be the intense and abrupt temperature changes. This causes the pipes to expand and contract rapidly, leading to pipe bursts. This is often the case in winters when the pipes tend to freeze due to the drop in temperatures.
All in all, all of the above leaks can be the culprit behind inflated water bills – not to mention the water damage and more. It is therefore crucial that you never ignore any signs of these household leaks and keep a vigilant eye out for them. Call in a professional plumber for leak detection and other services if you suspect there is one.
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