People often spend a lot of time on repair and maintenance of their houses but they miss out on the most important part of house repair namely the plumbing system. Once you have a clogged drain in the kitchen or a flooded bathroom, only then do you realize that you should have given the signs some thought and looked into your options for drain cleaning earlier. Even if it is just a slow flowing drain, you must be able to keep a check on all signs so you are all set to hire a plumber immediately when it is time.
Common Causes of Clogged Drains
Clogged drains are one of the most common problems of household plumbing. There are various reasons that a drain might get clogged and regardless of the reason, it is very irritating to deal with a clogged drain. Following are some common causes of clogged drains which require you to hire a plumber.

  • The accumulation of soap, washing products, hair, dirt, etc in the drains
  • Flushing too much toilet paper or other sanitary products
  • Mistakenly washing objects down the sink or bathroom drains
  • Using products that are insoluble in water
  • The accumulation of cooking oil in kitchen drains

Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning Service
An individual is usually able to fix minor drain clogs but when the problem becomes too difficult for you to handle at home, you should hire a plumber. Drain clogging is never sudden; it is just that you ignored the major signs in the past that were telling you that you need drain cleaning.
Slow Flowing Drains
The most obvious sign of clogging drain that’s about to be clogged is a slow flowing drain. This sign is usually lurking for a while but you fail to notice it or ignore it completely. Different objects like soap, hair, dirt, cooking oil or grease, etc clog the drain which gradually builds up with time. The build up in the drain makes them slow and completely clog it over time. Every time you feel that your drain is slow, it is best that you don’t ignore it. It is even better that you do drain cleaning with the right products often to avoid a bigger problem later. If your problem of slow flowing drain persists, contact a plumber to get it resolved as soon as possible.
Smell of Sewage in the House
Another sign of a plumbing problem at home is a prevalent sewage smell in the house. When your drain becomes clogged, the waste that you drain or anything you wash collects and builds up in the drain. When this waste rots in your drainage pipes, it spreads a noticeable bad odor in the house. In summers, it is more obvious than in the colder months. If you notice this stench is stronger in the area near the drains, then it is time to look for a plumber.
Standing Water
Accumulated water in the sinks, basins or showers is another sign that you need a plumber. If your drain line or central drain is clogged, you will notice that water backing up and accumulating. The water then flows out very slowly which gives you a heads up about the forthcoming need of seeking help from a plumber.
Drain Flies
When a drain becomes clogged, there is build up of waste in the drains. This build up starts rotting and attract drain and fruit flies. Although these flies might seem harmless, there are many health hazards if they find their way to your food and kitchen. If you notice that the number of fruit flies is suddenly increasing in your house, they are likely to be attracted by the smell of your clogged drain. Drain flies reside and breed in the sewage lines so if there is a waste build up in your drains, it would make for the right environment for drain flies. In this case, you should look for a plumbing service for your house.
Water Bubbling
Another sign that tells you that there is a clogging in your drain line or central drain is bubbling water in sinks, showers or toilets. When there is air blockage in the drain, it hinders rapid flowing of water and causes bubbling of water. While a normal slow drain can be dealt with at home, water bubbling is a clear sign that you need to call in a plumber.
Gurgling Sound in the Drain
When your drain gets clogged and there is a buildup of waste in the drain pipes, the water cannot flow out rapidly and thus seeps through the little spaces it finds between the buildups. When water changes course and passes through clogged spaces, it creates a strange gurgling sound. If you notice such sounds when water drains out, you should prepare for a drain cleaning service.
Why Do You Need a Plumber in the Orange County, CA Area for Drain Cleaning?
With so many products in the market and so many DIY tutorials on YouTube, many people think that drain cleaning is not a big deal. This is precisely the same reason that people often ignore slow and clogged drains for a while until there’s no way to neglect it anymore. Despite the many drain cleaning products in the market, it is very likely you fail to resolve the problem completely. For one, most liquid or other drain cleaners contain caustic chemicals which are harmful for the environment and will not unclog the drain properly. Chances are that your drain will get clogged again soon and even worse than before this time. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional plumber who can do the job very efficiently and save you a lot of trouble and time.
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