What could a few drops of water really cause? Is this a serious point of concern? Definitely yes! A leaky faucet can cause more damage than you think. Surely, it may just seem like a simple leak, but it can have numerous shortcomings.
You may be wrong if you think that a small leakage cannot cause any damage to your washroom. Roughly, a leaky faucet can waste around three gallons of water in a day. If you leave a leaky faucet running for a year, two large hot tubs. What a nightmare!
Depending on the issue, there can be various reasons for leaky faucets. Majority of people think that they might able to fix the issue on their own. But wait, you should not take plumbing issue that lightly. Instead of experimenting yourself, you need to call plumbing repair service. Their professionals use the best way to fix the leakage.
Plumbing professionals always follow proper paces to get their work done. Same goes with the issue leaky faucets – they do consider some key points to fix the plumbing issue.
How Plumbing Professionals Repair a Leaky Faucet?
1. Shutting Off the Water
Remember to turn the water tap off – often, professional plumbers turn off the main valve to halt the water flowing. Turning off the water tap halts the water supply to the fixture. Instead, you have an option to turn off the main supply for safety. Doing this, the pressure gets relieved from the pipe and the plumber can work stress-free.
2. Plug the Drain
Having a screw caught in your drain? This happens more often when you try to fix leakage yourself. Majority of the people forget to place the sink plug onto the drain. This is one of the biggest mistakes they do some times. This can ruin your day by having a washer or screw fall down the drain. Additionally, it could make the issue even worse.
Thus, you should be very careful about this or else, this will lead towards more damage.
If you forgot to plug the drain or stuck with the leakage problem, don’t lose hope. Give a call to plumbing repair service immediately.
3. Remove Faucet Handles
To fix the leaky faucet, you need to remove handles from the faucets. Definitely, this requires the selection of most suitable tools. As an amateur, it is not easy to recognize the suitability of the respective tool. In such instances, it’s always better to call a professional repair service.
The professional plumber has the expertise to remove the handle and can fix the issue in seconds. Commonly, professional plumbers use a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver and hexagon screwdriver to remove the faucet handles. Fair enough to call a professional instead of doing wrong by yourself.
4. Inspect Faucet Parts
Training and experience can really help you to have command over a particular work. All the same for plumbing repair services. Obviously, you wouldn’t know enough about which tool is more appropriate or how to inspect faucet parts. Yet, plumbing repair person can inspect the faucet parts in a better manner.
Here’s the ideal process to inspect the faucet. Firstly, needs to use the wrench that loosens nut’s packing. Stem off the valve and release the O-ring. Clean all parts, remove the deposits, set them aside and fix them again. And here you go, leaky faucet inspection is done here.
It’s very easy for us to fix this issue ourselves. Yet, in a case to face any difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact a plumbing repair person.
5. Clean the Valves
After a successful inspection, you need to clean the valves carefully. There is a need to remove the stopper from drain which will help to clean the deposit inside the drain.
Time to pour white vinegar over the water valves. Do it carefully and ensure that you cover all affected areas with white vinegar. White vinegar or alternative chemical helps to dissolve the deposit causing a leakage. You will be needing a source-pad to clean the surface.
6. Put the Faucet Back
After cleaning valves, you must check the flow of water. It can be done by opening water valves that they tune off initially. Be sure to replace the damaged part to get proper fixing.
Don’t take it too easy to replace the faucet parts. This really needs high expertise and experience. So, it is advisable to leave the plumbing issues for professional plumbers. Herein, go for the best plumbing repair services and they will definitely get instant help from there, for you.
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