Everyone is aware of plumbing services because everyone has needed them at some point. Plumbing systems are not resistant to wear and tear, and there is a high probability that you may need to call for a plumber later if not sooner.
Plumbing is not just limited to installing and fixing water pipes but is a much wider industry. It involves water supply systems, gas fittings, sanitary, drainage, irrigation, and fire protection. Based on the nature of the job, there are different types of plumbing services. If you are not sure which service you need to call for, having adequate knowledge about types of services can help you significantly.
The many types of plumbing services are listed down below:
1. Repairing Pipe Leaks 
The most common  issue that most of us are well aware of is pipe leak. Since this problem is the most common, we often assume that plumbing is limited to repairing leaks only. It is one of the primary services that any plumber offers. A plumber who offers leak repairing is trained to handle different types of piping and fix various types of leaking issues. Leaks are nasty occurrences because they often go unnoticed or ignored, which leads to a massive surge in the water bill at the end of the year, or even at the end of the month! Therefore, in order to save money and stop the headache that’s caused by a leaky faucet, it’s best to call a plumber to get the leak repaired.
Whether you need to get a single leak fixed or you need to get re-piping, the service that you should opt for is one that deals with plumbing leaks.
2. Sewer Repair Service
Sewer problems are something everyone dreads. Nobody wants the foul smell and dirty water that is associated with the sewers to spread across their property. Therefore, whenever, you observe the slow draining of liquids in your drains, a foul smell, or unusual noises coming from your sewer, there is a high probability that there is a blockage in your sewerage line which needs to be addressed immediately. However, you may not know which type of service you will need for sewer repair.
There are plumbers who are exclusively trained for sewer repair. Sewer repair plumbers know the techniques to unclog the sewer pipes and also know how to stop this problem from occurring again in the future.
3. Drain Cleaning Service 
Although drain cleaning systems are made to drain liquid waste out, over time, considerable debris may develop in the drainage system that may hinder the smooth flow of liquid waste. The most prominent sign that your drain needs cleaning is when liquid waste starts to drain slower than it is supposed to. In such a situation, you need to hire a professional drain cleaning service. A plumber who cleans the drains is equipped with the right tools that are needed to clean the drain thoroughly and is well-trained with the different techniques required for drain cleaning.
4. Garbage Disposal Unit Repair Service 
Garbage disposal units are the systems installed in the kitchens for the disposal of solid kitchen waste. The garbage disposal unit grinds the solid waste into smaller particles that can easily be washed through the drainage system. However, the efficiency of your garbage disposal unit may reduce over time, which calls for professional. A plumber who offers garbage disposal unit repair services has vast knowledge about the parts of the garbage disposal unit and knows how to fix any problems that may occur in it.
5. Water Heater Repair Service 
If your water heater isn’t heating the water as it should, you may have to call for a plumbing service. Not all plumbers can offer this particular service. If you wish to get your water heating system inspected, calling a professional plumber is probably a wise thing to do.
6. Toilet Repair Service 
Leaking toilets are nothing less than a nightmare. It is in your best interest to get your toilet repaired as soon as you suspect it is leaking. You should call a plumber immediately. Toilets may leak due to a crack or clogging in the drainage pipe. Whatever the case may be, getting a professional becomes inevitable.
7. Gas Leak Repair 
A leak in the gas pipe is one of the most dangerous problems that you can face when it comes to your system. If there is a gas leak anywhere within your property, it may result in massive explosions and fire. Gas leaks aren’t visible to the eye. However, whenever there is a gas leak, you can immediately tell by the smell. In such a case, the first thing you should do even before calling for a plumbing service is shutting off the main gas valve to stop the further leaking of gas. Professionals will repair or replace the gas pipes, after which, the gas supply can be restored.
8. Installation of New Plumbing Equipment 
You should call professional plumbing service providers for the installation of new equipment whether it is as simple as the installation of a new sink or as complicated as the installation of a septic tank. A professional plumber will know the right techniques and will be equipped with the right tools to get the job done perfectly.
9. Remodeling Services 
If you are planning on getting your property (residential, commercial, or industrial) remodeled, whether fully or partially, you will need the services of a professional plumber. Professional plumbers have the best knowledge about the existing pipeline systems. They will know the right ways to get the job done in the Newport Beach, CA area.
It is important that you make the right choice when you are planning to hire professional plumbers to work for you. The better the quality of work, the longer the plumbing system will last. Plumbing service providers like Bluefrog Plumbing of Orange County, CA are your best bet if you live in the Newport Beach, CA area. Give them a call on their number 949-543-1087 and avail the best services today!
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