Bathroom renovations can increase the livability and property value of the home but it can definitely be a stressful process. It can be an amazing change if it is done in the right way.
However, you can end up with an impractical bathroom if you don’t hire a professional for the job. Renovating a bathroom isn’t just about picking out fixtures and tiles. There are many more essential things that you need to take care of.
Here are some of the main things that your expert plumbers in the Huntington Beach, CA area should oversee. To make sure that the upgrade of the washroom is a successful one, ensure that the essentials below aren’t looked over.
The Current Plumbing System
If you plan on renovating the bathroom, you will have to note a few details about the current plumbing system. The new layout for the toilet will be dependent on where the plumbing pipes are installed right now.
Professionals will note whether the pipes run through the floors or the walls of the bathroom. This will make the renovation process more efficient. If you have an old home, they will also need to check when the plumbing system was last updated. Old pipes may not be able to handle any new upgrades or fixtures you install in the bathroom.
Plumbers will likely recommend replacing old pipes. This is because they are more prone to collapse, resulting in higher maintenance and repair costs. Regular leaks and pipes bursts can also result in a lot of water waste.
Toilet Upgrades
Toilets are used almost daily but are essentially the least maintained fixture in the bathroom. This can result in quick deterioration and even cracking. A lot of people replace the toilet when they are renovating the washroom, which is a good idea in general.
It can be great for your energy and water bill if you choose a more efficient model. Low-flow toilets decrease the use of water and have high maximum performance scores. This can improve the washroom’s functionality and practicality.
Plumbers recommend getting a new toilet seat and lid even if you don’t want to change the toilet. This will not impact the plumbing in any way but is an inexpensive way to feel like you have a better toilet. It can add to the feeling that your bathroom has truly changed.
However, if you don’t want to change the toilet, it is recommended to at least replace the lid and toilet seat. It is an inexpensive way to have a better toilet feel. Even though this won’t really impact the plumbing in any way, it will add to the new feel of a changed bathroom.
Water Heaters
If you are upgrading your shower or bathtub, you will also need to get a better source of hot water. If you plan on taking some luxurious baths in your improved washroom, the extra water will definitely help. You may need to invest in a water heater with a larger capacity for water storage and hot water production.
You won’t have to worry about all the extra hot water you are using either. New water heaters are more efficient and cost-effective. New water heater upgrades can be better for your home and energy bills. It doesn’t matter if you go for a regular or tankless model; plumbers suggest that the water heater upgrade will make your plumbing system more efficient.
Design Plan
Outlining a proper design plan with your expert plumbers can make it easier to conduct bathroom renovation. This will allow you the chance to create the bathroom of your dreams.
One way to go about designing the bathroom is to see who it’s for. If it’s going to be for a kid, you can add double sinks and pull-out stepping stools. Even no-slip tiles can be a good idea as an added safety feature. If you are designing the bathroom for the guest room, it can be a good idea to add plenty of space so that they can keep their things. The built-in empty space will ensure that you can store everything they may need without feeling intrusive.
Professionals also have plenty of suggestions to upgrade master bedroom bathrooms. They can add spa-like features such as head to toe jets, steam showers, natural light, magazine racks, and heated towel racks. This can ensure that the bathroom is a great place to relax. After a long day at work, this luxurious bathroom can be perfect.
It is important to take care of the ventilation systems in the bathroom. Plumbers take their time to plan out ventilation venues in any bathroom renovation project. If it isn’t properly ventilated, it can be unsafe.
Steam from hot showers can increase the humidity of the room can cause oxygen levels to drop. This can result in blackouts or fainting.
Hire a Professional
A lot of homeowners can perform basic plumbing functions like unclogging the drain, but that doesn’t mean they can take on big projects like bathroom renovations. Plumbers have expert knowledge that can help you design the most efficient and practical washroom possible.
You may end up using the wrong technique or may not have the right tools. This can cause flooding and an increased risk of structural damage. This is why it is better to rely on professional. This will definitely not mean that you don’t have power over the new washroom. It will just mean that you will have an expert to carry out the plan out properly.
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