Is your toilet giving you a lot of trouble and causing inconvenience? Chances are that this time, it might be best to consider replacing your toilet instead of undergoing expensive repairs by a plumbing service.
Toilet systems in the Newport Beach, CA area, are designed to last for a long time. Regular maintenance and minor repairs can keep your toilet running in good condition but unfortunately, they won’t last forever. It can be tricky to identify when to replace a toilet, but the following tips will help shed light on signs that it’s time to say goodbye to the old toilet and bring in a replacement to save yourself money and time.
Frequent Clogs and Overflows
Do you find yourself running around with a plunger more than once a week? If so, it may be time that you seriously consider replacing your toilet. Not only are clogged toilets disgusting to look at, they also spread unpleasant odors and can cause illness. And they are known to easily overflow due to the blockage caused by excess or inappropriately flushed items. You can get rid of this stressful and headache-inducing issue by getting a reputable plumbing service to install a new toilet. 
Running Water & Spontaneous Refills
The sound of constantly running water in the toilet bowl is one of the most obvious signs to inspect your toilet. At first, you may think it can easily be fixed by a small repair. But if the problem persists even after the repair, you should take it as a warning. Spontaneous refills in the water tank occur because the flapper, that controls the inflow of water in the tank, is either damaged or improperly adjusted. A good plumber can fix any adjustment issues, but if your flapper is worn out, you will have to get a new toilet to avoid future inconvenience.
Leaking Toilet 
A leaking toilet, much like an overflowing toilet, is an annoyance that no one wants to face. Water may leak out through any broken flanges, bad seals or even cracks. And if you ignore the leaks for any extensive amount of time the leak may start to ruin the bathroom flooring around the toilet. While you can still get temporary fixtures done, upgrading your toilet is the best idea for a long-term and stress-free solution.
Cracks & Scratches on the Toilet  
An old, broken toilet is a good enough reason to replace it with a new one. A plumber can make your toilets functional, but there are times when the small structural problems cause future emergencies. For example, hairline cracks may develop in the toilet bowl or tank which can potentially turn into a pool of water at the worst possible time. It is ideal to upgrade your toilets if you see this sign because:

  • • Porcelain cracks can become sources of active leaks
  • • Too many cracks can eventually result in the entire toilet breaking down
  • • Scratches on the toilet make it hard to clean properly
  • • Water leakage loosen the toilet screws making it wobbly
  • • A wobbly toilet is unsafe to use

It is Old and Inefficient
Don’t let an old toilet deceive you just because it functions well. You should still consider updating your toilet because older models are highly inefficient. This means that they consume more water than newer models, increasing your water bill month after month. Getting a water-saving toilet model uses less than 2 gallons of water per flush as opposed to older toilets that use at least 3-4 gallons of water per flush. Getting a skilled plumbing service to properly install a more efficient model will not only help save money on your water bill, it can also help the   planet!
It Has Built-Up Mineral Deposits
If you have a hard water supply, you probably know how tough it can be to properly maintain your toilet. This is because hard water contains minerals that collect around the openings through which the water passes.  The mineral deposits can be found around the inlet holes in the toilet bowl and the siphon tube placed at the bottom of the tank. It takes time for these deposits to build up but when they do, there is a reduced flow of water in the tank and the flapper no longer seals properly.  To avoid leaks like this, call a professional plumbing service to replace the toilet with a new one which is designed to handle hard water much more effectively.
It Needs Too Many Repairs
Have you had to contact a plumbing service more often recently? It might be time to upgrade your toilet. Repair costs can be lower than the cost of getting a new toilet installed, which is why most people prefer temporary fixes. But if your toilet needs frequent repairs, it may be cheaper to install a new toilet instead.
Take Professional Help! 
If you have chosen to upgrade your toilet, don’t forget that the installation process is as critical as the quality of the toilet.
Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County is the best plumbing service in the Newport Beach, CA area. Their licensed and highly professional team of plumbers ensures that your plumbing needs are met with expertise. Getting your old toilet replaced by Bluefrog Plumbing+ Drain of Orange County comes with the following benefits:

  • • Expert plumber advice and assistance
  • • Reduced water usage and higher efficiency
  • • Reduced sewer and septic waste flow
  • • Improved and comfortable condition of your bathroom
  • • Reduced need for frequent repairs or service
  • • Great customer care and tidy service

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