Clogged drains can be frustrating and annoying. They make owning a home difficult because this dirty job can ultimately fall on your shoulders to figure out. If your shower or sink suddenly stops draining, here are six ways to unclog your drains. If these methods don’t work, then consider calling a professional plumbing service for help to alleviate added stress and a big mess.
1. Use Boiling Water 
This is the easiest DIY technique for drain cleaning as it requires only one ingredient – boiling hot water. Follow these steps: Boil 3-4 jugs of water in a pot. Once you see that the water is boiling, pour the water down your clogged drain in three steps. Each step will allow the water to drain down the accumulated dirt. This might help to get rid of the stubborn clogs. But it depends on the cause of the clog and if the matter that’s blocking the drain will melt under hot water.
If this method doesn’t work and your drain isn’t completely unclogged, you may need to contact a professional plumbing service.
2. Use Some Caustic Soda with Safety
This DIY technique requires eye protection and rubber gloves as you will be using caustic soda (Sodium Hydroxide) for cleaning the drain. Caustic soda is acidic and can cause third-degree burns, which is why it’s important to use it with caution and proper protection. Also, it can be easily found for purchase at any local store.
The first step is to pour 4 gallons of water in a mop bucket and then add 4 cups of caustic soda to create a mixture. This mixture can be hazardous for your skin, so it is strongly advised to use a wooden stick or a spoon to mix. You will notice fumes, heat, and a little fizz during this process. That’s exactly when you’ll want to pour this mixture down the clogged drain. Leave and let is settle for a minimum of 30 minutes and after that, pour boiling water over it.
This technique helps to dissolve the stubborn buildup in your pipelines. You can use this trick anytime your drains get clogged, but always keep in mind that calling a professional is the safest way to get rid of clogs in your Newport Beach, CA home.
3. Try Using Salt and Baking Soda 
Baking soda, salt, and boiling water are the essential ingredients for this method to help unclog a drain. You’ll want to take a ½ cup of regular salt, a ½ cup of baking soda and 4 tablespoons of water. Combine all the ingredients first, and then pour the mixture down the clogged drain. To remove any dust and grease inside your sink, you must leave the mixture for a minimum of 20 minutes. After that, pour some boiling water down the drain.
This mixture produces a chemical reaction that can assist in removing the blockage in your drain.
4. Use the Drain Snake
A drain snake is a cheap and simple equipment that works well for drain cleaning. It looks like a long, flexible metal stick with a metal bracket at the end, which is strong enough to take out the dirt and insoluble particles from the drain. You’ll want to use it properly, so researching the most effective techniques online and watching videos might be helpful to avoid doing serious damage.
And if you don’t want to spend the time researching how to do a job that’s best reserved for experienced workers, it might be best to call a professional for plumbing service. It’s also a great idea if you don’t want to risk causing damage to your drainage system with a drain snake.
5. Use Dish Detergent
Dish detergents can also be used for drain cleaning to help remove clogging. Here’s how to tackle this one. Pour ¼ cup of dish detergent in a big bowl and add some boiling water to it. Then pour this mixture of hot water and dish detergent down the drain. In the meanwhile, use a plunger to unclog your drain. This will help you clear out the clog quickly.
In this technique, the dish soap acts as a solution or lubricant that will help break up any sticky and greasy residue in your drain. If your drain is still not running smoothly, consider calling a professional plumbing service to help clean out your drains safely and effectively in the Newport Beach, CA area.
6. Clean the Pipes with a Wrench
In this technique, you’ll want to place an empty bucket underneath your sink’s pipe. The empty bucket will collect all the water spill and dirt. Open the pipe using a wrench by loosening up the slip nuts at the ends of the pipes. When the pipe is out, turn it upside down and empty the contents of the pipe into the bucket. If you want it to be completely dirt-free, then use a toothbrush and clean the inner part of the pipe. This will help you to take out the entire dirt and debris residue. After all that cleaning, rinse the pipe with water and then put it all back as it was before.
This DIY technique is a bit tricky and can be very hard for an ordinary homeowner to follow. If you don’t have experience messing with your pipes or worry that you might accidentally do something incorrectly, then it’s probably better to call a professional for plumbing service.
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The above-mentioned DIY techniques are simple and easy to follow, yet they can be tricky and unsafe if not followed properly. If your DIY methods fail to work, it could mean that your plumbing issue is more challenging and could require the support from an expert. Hiring a professional plumbing service is a great way to gain a peace of mind and alleviate messy troubles.
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