Is your garbage disposal giving you trouble? Do you have dirty dishes piling up because the disposal won’t drain properly?
If so, you might appreciate this plumbing guidance. Here are a few tips that will help you operate and fix a faulty garbage disposal in your home. Pass this on to other Tustin, CA homeowners!
Garbage Disposal Unit Power Outage 
If the garbage disposal is not turning on, you might first need to check that it’s plugged into an outlet. This might seem obvious, but sometimes the most mysterious issues have simple solutions. Someone may have accidentally pushed the reset button which would turn the unit off. This is common in homes with children or pets. To check safely, check to make sure the disposal is turned off, then ensure the breaker for the unit is turned on.
If this doesn’t do the trick, and the unit is not powering on, it could be because it burnt out inside. If that’s the case, it’s best to get professional help from a plumber. 
Jammed Garbage Disposal Unit 
Another sign of a garbage disposal problem is strange humming when you turn it on. This usually means something is jamming or blocking the blades of the disposal unit.
You can have debris and leftover trash stuck in the garbage disposal unit. You should refrain from disposing fats, oils, vegetables, fruit pits, egg, bones and large chunks of any kind of substance through the disposal.
If you face a jamming issue, you’ll want to switch the garbage disposal off and unclog the blades–wearing gloves as a safety precaution. If the unclogging process is too difficult, you can always call a plumber.
Draining Issues 
A properly functioning garbage disposal unit works immediately when you turn it on and grinds up any food debris that you dispose. Keep in mind that it also depends on the type of debris you’re disposing. Again, we don’t recommend grinding up bones or oils as they cause damage to the unit over time. And if you have issues with the garbage disposal draining down the water or if it’s working unusually slow, you may need professional help to avoid a large mess or further damage.
Slow drainage issues can be caused by dull blades in the unit or even by a clog in the piping.
plumber will be able to quickly identify and fix the issue. They will be able to replace or sharpen the blades and unclog the garbage disposal. Do not attempt to fix the unit yourself, especially the blades since they’re designed to be sharp and can cause injury.
Another major issue with garbage disposal units can be foul smells and unpleasant odors wafting from the unit. This is likely caused by accumulation of old, rotting food, and decomposing substances in the drain.
You will occasionally need to inspect and clean your garbage disposal to prevent the unpleasant odor. You can do so by using lemon wedges and ice or baking soda and vinegar. This is a simple home remedy that can help with odor problems if the debris buildup is minor.
If the smell does not go away after trying a couple of home remedies, you might need to contact a professional. This might be because the debris is located deep within the drain or caked inside the garbage disposal. If you do not seek professional help, the unpleasant smells might persist indefinitely.
The unit will need to be disassembled and cleaned vigorously. If the problem persists even after that you might need a new garbage disposal. You should not disassemble or replace the unit on your own since it can lead to injuries. If you need assistance, consider contacting a plumber.
Grinding Noises in the Garbage Disposal Unit 
Sometimes, you can hear grinding noises coming from your garbage disposal unit while you are washing dishes or anytime it is on. This is usually caused by a blockage or clog or because the parts of the unit are operating incorrectly
The grinding sound will sound a lot like metal grinding on metal and if you check and see that nothing is stuck down there; you might need repairs or replacements of the unit by a professional plumber.
 Leaks in the Garbage Disposal Unit
If you see that the garbage disposal is leaking, you should call a plumber at your earliest convenience. The leaks might be caused by leaking garbage disposal seals that need the replacement of essential O-ring components.
plumber will be able to fix this issue easily and will either replace your O-ring or tighten the parts of your garbage disposal unit. The plumber will be able to identify the source of the leak which might be caused by the sink flange, and fix it to avoid further damage and frustration
Unfortunately, there may be a time when you’ll need to replace the entire garbage disposal because it is beyond repair. In any case, turn off the unit immediately if it is leaking and consult with a professional plumber to help you get to the root of the problem.
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