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Have you ever called a plumber in an emergency situation?
Have your pipes ever started leaking suddenly in the middle of the night?
Have you heard the sound of water leaking “drip-drip” just when the guests reached your place?
If you have answered ”˜yes’ to any of the above, then you know that water leaks happen at the most inconvenient times. Given this, all water leaks are not equal. Some are prone to cause more damage than others.
Leaky pipes can be hiding under the floors and foundations of your home or within the walls. They may be dripping slowly and cause a messy water damage in your home, leaving you stuck with high costs of repair. Such damages can hang one’s budget to dry.
There are some unexpected places in your home where water leaks may be hidden. They usually become noticeable once the situation gets worse. For example, you may notice a roof leak when your walls start leaking. By then, it might be too late. If you’re curious about these hidden places and how to best avoid getting into a messy situation, then read on.
As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is better to take preventive measure for water leaks than to take restorative measures after the damage has occurred.
Here are the 10 most unexpected places where water leaks occur.
And if you think you may have a water leak, call a plumber and get an inspection as soon as possible. Costa Mesa, CA area is one of our favorite places to serve.
1. Washing Machines
More than half of water damage incidents occur in the washing machine area when the water supply lines burst. Ask a plumber to check hoses for cracks and cuts. Once you learn the technique, you may also do it yourself as well. Check washing machine water lines every few months. Keep in mind that rubber hoses that connect the hot and cold water behind the machine can rupture easily. Therefore, it is advisable to change hoses after five years with reinforced steel hoses.
Moreover, if you are traveling, don’t forget to turn off the water supply to the washing machine. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars.
2. Toilets
Toilet leaks are the most common leaks in a house. This leak may be easy to miss because the toilet might be working fine. However, it might seem functional, but the hidden leak could cause your water bill to spike.
Toilet leak can be due to a broken valve or an overflow issue. Unfortunately, there are several big things that may go wrong with the toilet system that could result in expensive repairs.  It can cost you around $2k-$10k if the damage is not fixed properly. Check the flushing mechanism and water supplies in your toilet every six months.

3. Sinks
 Your kitchen or bathroom sink may leak for several reasons. Calling a professional to check sinks before the winter season especially can be helpful. plumber will check for corrosion and other issues around tap connectors, pipes and pipe connections, and faucets.

4. Refrigerator and Dishwasher
 Icemakers, dishwashers, and water dispensers are also among the hidden places that cause water leaks. They can easily create serious plumbing issues as the hoses and valves damage, or as water line ruptures. Dishwashers may also cause an unnoticed leak, creating an unsightly mark and damaging your floor. Only a professional plumber can help you.

5. Showers

Ask your plumber to fix a leaky faucet promptly. And replace old or add missing grout, if possible. Leaky showerheads can be annoying. They can rust or corrode the metal, leaving the bathroom prone to unexpected leaks.
6. Water Heaters
Water heaters are tricky because they’re often placed out of sight, leaving many homeowners to forget about them. However, a total tank failure of water heater can flood your home or result in cold showers. Call a plumber as soon as you see a minor leak in your water heater. Remove the inorganic material layer from your water heater after every 6 months. By doing this, apart from saving yourself from the future trouble, you will also be prolonging the life of your water heater.
7. Roof Leaks
Do you know extreme weather condition can wreak havoc on your roof? Weather conditions like extreme cold, snow, hail, wind, or monsoon can be silently weakening your roof. Get a yearly roof inspection by a professional. An experienced plumber can also fix a roof leak. We advise taking precautionary measures beforehand. This may include replacing broken or chipped tiles and watching out for other possible issues with the roof. Early and frequent inspection is key.
Overflowing gutters can also cause roof and wall leak. Therefore, keep gutters clean of debris all year round. Roof leaks can be dangerous if they aren’t cleaned and kept up properly. Maintain your roof just as you do inside your home.
8. Irrigation Systems
This leak is comparatively easier to spot. Usually the fountains of the sprinkler system become weak and start leaking. Keep an eye out on any stagnant water in your garden or yard. If the leaking irrigation system isn’t restored quickly, it can result in hefty water bills.
9. Drains
To find a plumbing issue, check the drains and sewer. Any blockage will lead to a significant spike in your water bill. Older homes have generally more drainage and sewer issues than the new ones. The key to maintaining an old home successfully is using preventive measures in advance. For instance, install a sump pump in your home and schedule an annual maintenance for it.
10. Indoor and Outdoor Faucets
People may spend a lot of money to get their indoor and outdoor faucets fixed. However, you can get a reasonable price, timely maintenance and great service by calling Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County. We solve all types of plumbing issues for our customers in Costa Mesa, CA area. To hire professionally trained plumbers, click here.