If you’re tired of living with hard water, like so many homeowners, then something has to give. You need a tried-and-true solution that is safe for the whole family. You need a water softener system in your home.
When groundwater flows through your plumbing, the dissolved minerals begin to combine and clump. They leave behind scale and mineral buildup that will damage your plumbing pipes, appliances, fixtures, and even your hair and skin over time. A water softener works by eliminating these minerals through ion-exchange, thereby reducing the hardness of the water and leaving clean, soft water for daily use.

Key Benefits of a Water Softener in Your Home

A lot of people need not one, but numerous reasons to invest in their homes. Besides this being your home – your biggest investment – spending money on it can seem like a waste. However, a water softener is an investment. It’s a safeguard for your health, home, and plumbing system.
Of course, there are other key benefits to a water softener system, such as:

  • Lower Energy Bills – The appliances you use around your home, especially something like a hot water heater, will account for a good portion of your monthly energy use. You pay for that energy use. With hard water, your appliances need to work overtime, thereby costing you more money. But not with soft water.
  • Prolonged Lifespan – A prolonged lifespan for both your plumbing pipes and appliances is a smart benefit to pursue. With a longer lifespan, you’ll spend less on replacements, repairs, and maintenance over time.
  • Environmental Benefits – By using less energy and wasting less water, you’re directly helping save the local environment. Your carbon footprint is reduced and our planet lives on a little bit longer, all thanks to your efforts.
  • Soap Waste – With hard water, you’ve likely noticed your soap use has gone through the roof. You’re going through bottle after bottle of shampoo and hand soap. With soft water, you use much less soap overall.
  • Soft Fabrics – You’re going to save quite a bit of money with a water softener when it comes to your laundry. The minerals found in hard water often become trapped in fabrics, which cause them to stiffen and dull in color. That doesn’t happen with soft water, though.
  • Sewer System – The life of your sewer system is directly influenced by the type of water your home has. With hard water, the interior of the pipe is reduced because of limescale buildup, but not with soft water.

For water softener installation in your home, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County at 949-393-0933. The benefits of a water softener will soon be yours!
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