Like with most plumbing systems in your home, your sewer and water lines both will offer accompanying signs of trouble. There’s a lot that can go wrong with either line. Even worse, both of them are buried. Your main lines may wear down over time because of age, weather, or misuse. Then, there’s the risk of a sewage backup or significant water damage from a plumbing leak.
If you would like to avoid these circumstances around your home, schedule sewer & water line maintenance. When is the last time you scheduled an inspection? Perhaps now is the time!

Warning Signs of a Damaged Line

As a homeowner, you’re the sole individual responsible for your plumbing. This responsibility includes your water line and sewer line. You may not ever see either of those lines while living in your house, though. Despite this, they’re crucial.
Each line serves a purpose to keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly. On occasion, something goes wrong. Here are the warning signs.

  • Clogged Plumbing – The first and most common sign of a damaged sewer or water line is a severe clog. That clog, which could be anywhere in the line, will prevent water and waste from traveling the entire way. It will eventually back up into the house. Such a clog stems from debris, tree roots, or aging.
  • Tree Root Incursion – A tree root incursion is a common culprit for a clogged water or sewer line. Over time, nearby tree roots may grow out of control and penetrate the exterior of the pipe. The roots then continue to grow inside, creating a blockage.
  • Reduced Water Pressure – A damaged water line will lead to a significant drop in water pressure. You’ll start noticing this fact in the shower. Your burst of hot water will be nothing more than a trickle, at best.
  • Contaminated Water – Pay close attention to your drinking water at all times. If the water from your faucet is brown, has a grainy texture, or smells funky, it’s because the line is contaminated. Most likely, the water line is leaking or has a crack somewhere, allowing in dirt and grime.
  • High Water Bills – A higher-than-usual monthly water bill is a sign of a significant water line leak. Each month, note your water bill and keep track of your use and changes.
  • Pests – A damaged line, along with allowing in dirt, will also let pests like roaches or rats into your home. If you notice an abundance of pests out of nowhere, suspect your plumbing line.

At the first sign of trouble, schedule a sewer and water line inspection quickly. Do not hesitate to call a professional plumber.
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By Vladimir Gjorgiev at Shutterstock