A drainage clog is surely a problem, but most are relatively simple to fix. You need a home plunger and a little elbow grease. Occasionally, however, these clogs, which may be deep in the line, pose a bigger problem than you think. The line could be completely blocked, which prevents water and waste from escaping down the drain. Before long, all of it will rise back up and seep into the sink, bathtub, or toilet. It will be a complete mess.
The answer? Hydro-Jetting. Hydro-Jetting is an innovative new method that guarantees a clean drain anywhere in the home. It is a safe, effective alternative to the typical drain cleaning methods using high-pressure blasts of water to clean the interior of the pipe.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

First, let’s explore Hydro-Jetting as a whole. It’s still a relatively new, innovative drain cleaning method that most homeowners are unaware of today. You won’t find a Hydro-Jetting tool at your local home improvement store, though. As such, your only option is to hire a professional plumber.
Essentially, Hydro-Jetting utilizes a high-pressure hose that blasts water directly into the drainpipe from every angle. The water is so powerful that it cleans every surface within the pipe. The result is less debris and waste residue left behind, which is a common problem with plumbing snakes or drain cleaner products.

Choosing Hydro-Jetting for Clean Drains

Typically, Hydro-Jetting is not the first choice when it comes to drain cleaning. Most plumbing technicians will opt for a drain snake, which is a tried-and-tested method, but one designed for relatively minor clogs in the grand scheme of things.
However, that’s not to say Hydro-Jetting is an afterthought. It’s a technique designed for tough clogs. The benefits of this method include:

  • Fast Relief – The high-pressure water used to clean the drain is incredibly fast, ensuring quick relief from any size drainage clog.
  • Removes Extreme Blockages – The power of Hydro-Jetting is strong enough to clear away tree roots and serious drainage blockages when needed.
  • Versatility – Hydro-Jetting was built to work with all manner of plumbing pipes in or around your home.
  • Eliminates Problems – This method helps eliminate all of your drainage problems, not just provide temporary relief. Hydro-Jetting will clean the pipe wall of any soap scum, grease, or gross buildups, including minerals from hard water.

As you can see, Hydro-Jetting is an effective method for homeowners seeking the ultimate cleaning experience. With high-pressure water blasting through your drains, there won’t be any lingering grease, food debris, or minerals in the system. Just a clear path for water and waste.
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